Casino loyalty programs & bonus

Loyalty is rewarded in the online casinos, as gambling provider wants the player to stay without looking for any other online casino bonuses. Users can benefit a lot from casino loyalty programs. In order to motivate customers to visit a casino website and play with real money, casino operators offer attractive bonus promotions. Starting with the welcome bonus, free spins, no deposit bonuses, and friendship bonuses, there are numerous interesting offers for regular players to increase chances of winning.

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What is a loyalty bonus in the online casino?

As a frequent player, you will benefit from VIP bonuses and loyalty programs. Your lively interaction with a casino provider will be rewarded with points that you can convert into rewards. Furthermore, the casinos offer attractive offers and events exclusively for frequent players. Beneath, we explain what you should know about loyalty programs.

Comp points and loyalty rewards

If a casino player regularly put bets for real money, there is a certain number of loyalty points for each bet. They are often called comp points. How many points there are for each user is set in the loyalty program of the respective online casinos. The more you play, the more points you can collect. All the new player has to do is make a first deposit and start playing for real money. There are exceptions, some bonuses only require registration. No deposit bonus and free spin bonuses are also available without a deposit. In some cases, these bonuses are also available as a part of the welcome pack.

Most gambling websites also have happy hour bonuses. Usually, you get more loyalty points if you play at certain times. Often you get twice the number of loyalty points, sometimes even more. Check the online casino campaign page to get all relevant information.

Some loyalty casino promotions are unique. For example, a player has to pass a challenge by playing a specified number of blackjack hands or rounds on the slot. Players who successfully complete challenges receive loyalty points, sometimes other prizes such as a small cash bonus or free spins.

What do the loyalty bonus points offer?

It can be worthwhile to have a look at the loyalty programs of the online casinos, as there is a lot on offer. What you can get varies, it also depends on a player’s VIP status. Therefore, you should regularly check the casino bonus page regularly.

Exchange loyalty points for free spins and other bonuses

Loyalty points usually can be exchanged. This can be a real money bonus or free spins. Many online casino providers also build a shop, where you can buy useful gadgets for the points collected. What you ultimately choose is up to you. However, most fans opt for a cash bonus or a ticket to a tournament.

As already mentioned, what you get for the collected points depends on the casino operator, however also on the VIP status. The higher you go in the VIP program, the more attractive bonuses of the new programs also called high roller bonuses. It is worth staying loyal to a casino website, as you climb the VIP ladder and get better offers. That pays off in the long run.

The number of points that can be generated depends not only on the VIP status but also on the games that you prefer. Usually, you get more points for slot machines than for classic table games such as online roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.

New players with an increased number of comp points are promoted. If you regularly visit the casino’s campaign page, you are always informed about where you can get the most loyalty points. In addition to the happy hour, it also lists where you can get most points or whether an interesting challenge is currently running. Many online casinos also inform their customers by sending emails or SMS. Some providers even use the traditional postal route.

Exchange of loyalty points for prizes

For some players, “virtual bonuses”, such as spins, coins or credits are not worth much. Many platforms offer attractive alternatives. In a shop, you can immediately exchange bonus points for high-quality items. Whether jewelry, smartphones, tablets, flat-screen TVs or even a vacation trip – everything is there. As a member, you have a free choice between various awards.

As with all promotions, the conditions in the bonus shop must be observed. Not all points are always exchangeable for all rewards. If online casinos lure you with top-class travel offers, inform yourself exactly which requirements have to be fulfilled so that you can start your dream journey at the end.

Exclusive VIP tables

Similar to the land-based casino, online casino sites offer exclusive rooms in which not everyone, but only club members can try their luck. Players who have been active in a casino for a long time have the unique opportunity to stay among themselves and play in an elite circle. There are special bonus offers in circulation that are not accessible to other players. You also benefit from a loyalty program.

Tournaments and exclusive events for loyal customers

For players who are looking for a special gaming experience in an exclusive round, online casinos offer not only exclusive tables but also entire tournaments and events that are only available through the loyalty program. Some online casinos organize real meetings in casino metropolises, to which only the elite players of the respective platform are invited. Loyal players, who otherwise only know each other from the live casino chat, meet in the real world and enjoy the atmosphere of a real casino.

Online casino loyalty points: what should be considered?

If you want to exchange your loyalty points, you must have reached a minimum number of required points for a certain level. Make sure that the points did not expire. Therefore, it is not possible to collect comp points over the years to get a huge price in the end. When the points expire, you have to start collecting again.

Read the terms and conditions for the loyalty programs to avoid disappointments and misunderstandings. If in doubt, you should contact customer service and find out more.

Collect casino club points and level up

Some online casinos build their loyalty programs in a tiered model. For example, you start out as a VIP with Bronze status, play your way up to Silver status, and finally make it to Gold status. The advancement of your Club Level depends on your stake, the length of your membership in the loyalty program and the frequency of your play. If you play on a regular basis, you will soon reach the highest level with a little patience.

To keep you on the ball, online casinos serve you with the appropriate incentives. With each level, you profit from new rewards, bonuses, and events. The level of exclusivity is constantly increasing. At the latest at the highest level of a loyalty program, you have access to offers that hardly any other players besides you have access to. This encourages you to continue and ensures that you will never get bored.

Once you have reached the top of a level model, you may even be assigned a personal account manager, depending on the loyalty program. The adviser will help you with questions regarding games, deposits, and withdrawals or bonus programs.

By invitation only?

Some online casinos, the loyalty program is available only by invitation. If you’re looking for attractive bonuses, reload offers, exclusive tournament tables or special rewards, you should consider whether your playing habits are sufficient for an invitation. A VIP Manager offer is tied to your activity and is often not permanent. If you don’t play much after joining the loyalty program, you may be excluded from it again. 

Terms and conditions of play and exchange

Read carefully the conditions under which loyalty points and bonus offers are issued. Some casinos link points to your deposit: for every Pound you spend, you will receive one loyalty point in the exchange. Other online casinos calculate your playing frequency to the points output. Your loyalty points depend only conditionally on your monetary stake, but primarily on your playing behavior.

Furthermore, your loyalty points expire if they are not redeemed, making your collection activity null and void. Occasionally the loyalty programs are also linked to certain games. Therefore, not all activities in the online casino are relevant for you as a bonus hunter. 

Loyalty programs: conclusion

The loyalty program in online casinos is definitely a worthwhile option paying off for regular players. Above all, players with high VIP status generally enjoy preferential treatment. The VIP often also receives more attractive bonus offers than the new customer.

Do not forget about additional cash to play with through the rewarding cashback promotions. If you have decided on an online casino, find the offer and do not miss anything – there is no reason to constantly change the gaming platform, as the welcome bonuses are out of proportion to the advantages that you have as a loyal VIP customer.

Nevertheless, it cannot hurt to find out about the loyalty programs on other gambling websites, as we already mentioned, there are sometimes enormous differences.

If you are happy with your casino website, take advantage of your online casino’s loyalty programs and climb up on the VIP ladder to get the most out of your game. Collect loyalty points through your real money games and get extra cash, profitable free spins, tickets for exciting tournaments, great gadgets and fantastic cashback.


Are casino loyalty programs worthwhile?

There are no disadvantages to participating in loyalty programs and VIP clubs. Whether the offers are worthwhile for you, depends solely on the specific structure of the reward system and your playing style. If you play regularly, you should be able to win some rewards.

Who benefits the most from loyalty programs?

Since the collection of loyalty points is often linked to the stake and frequency of play, especially frequent players and high rollers benefit from the offerings of online casinos. Nevertheless, as a player who only plays from time to time, you can also generate benefits from VIP clubs.

What bonuses can I receive in loyalty programs?

The bonus offers in loyalty clubs are diverse. Take a look at our detailed casino bonus guide. There you can find out which bonus types are available and how they are structured.

Do all online casinos have the same loyalty programs?

Online casinos do everything to satisfy your players. Loyalty points are the means of choice to show you that a casino provider wants to keep you as a player on his website. Accordingly, there are hardly any gambling sites on the Internet that can do without these offers. The best online casinos in our overview, also carry all loyalty programs.