VIP casino bonus (UK)

Another term for high rollers is VIP players. Both terms refer to users of online casinos who like to bet high. Who has well-filled pockets, can get further advantages at the casino. Starting with the VIP casino bonus.

What this is and how to get it, we explain in the following lines. Likewise, we go into what it is with online casino VIP programs.

The top casinos for VIP casino players

RankCasino SiteReviewBonusplay
1 Fun Casino
100% bonus up to £123 Play NOW »
2 Flume Casino
£500 Bonus + 150 Spins Play NOW »
3 Deluxino Casino
25 Spins Play NOW »
4 NY Spins Casino
100% BONUS UP TO £100 Play NOW »
5 VoodooDreams Casino
100% BONUS UP TO £100 + 100 Spins Play NOW »

Among the numerous online casinos, there are some that are especially well suited for high rollers. These offer bonuses with high maximum sums and strive for their VIPs. This is reflected in regular promotions and invitations. We have chosen our personal Top 3, which are recommended for VIPs.

Volt Casino – The No. 1 for High Rollers!

Since 2014, Volt Casino has been one of the most successful providers of its kind in the English-speaking world. It is also one of the few operators that send out a casino magazine to its customers every now and then. Of course with exclusive bonus offers.

An always well-filled promotion calendar lifts every player a little bit to the VIP level. But then there is “The Club”, which rewards diligent users especially. If you are looking for more than just a VIP casino bonus, you should take some time for this provider.

Fun Casino – VIPs get their money’s worth!

For the start, the Fun casino offers a welcome bonus of up to 800 Pounds A tidy sum that makes every player a VIP. The promotion calendar offers a live casino bonus as well as a cashback promotion. In addition, there are recurring and one-time promotions.

Under the heading “Become a VIP” you will find information from the provider’s VIP Club. Your level is named after the different luxury classes. Benefits include higher payout limits and customized bonus promotions.

Casiplay Casino – Nobody is afraid of high stakes here!

A very young operator in the casino scene. For more than 2 years, Casiplay has been offering sophisticated entertainment in the gambling sector. New players can get 300 Pounds as a match bonus to deposit

As a VIP member, you can climb three levels in the loyalty program. Each higher-level grants you even more advantages (free spins, bonuses, etc.). Become a Gold and Platinum Member to receive special treatment. This includes invitations to live events (concerts, sporting events, etc.).

What is a VIP Bonus?

A regular welcome bonus may pay you 100% up to £200. Gladly also a little more to stand out from the competition.

Whereas VIP casinos with bonuses give you much more. It can also be associated with a certain number of free spins. You don’t get it right from the start, but only after you have been classified as a VIP.

This does not necessarily mean that you are a high roller. VIPs are those players who log in regularly and consistently place bets. Which is why the VIP Club is often associated with a loyalty program. You earn points for every Pound you bet. Over time, the bet/point ratio improves as you reach new VIP levels.

Each higher VIP level allows you to accept better offers. This is reflected not only in the amount but also in the frequency.

VIP Club, more than just a status

Maybe you already know the VIP Club from your casino. In online casinos, VIP players are taken to a whole new level. The program includes various benefits and usually also levels. Thus, the operators divide their VIPs. Often the levels are linked to monthly sales. Whereby only a few providers openly write about the limits that lead to the individual VIP levels.

More bonuses & free spins for VIPs

First and foremost, as a VIP you will be rewarded with more bonus offers and free spins. You don’t have to take advantage of them all. It is precisely this increased number of promotions that allows you to compare extensively. Take advantage of where the conditions are fair and easy to implement.

While regular players are not offered anything for a long time after the new customer bonus, you are treated very differently as a VIP!

Invitation to special events – VIP meetings in real life

The best VIP clubs of online casinos connect the virtual world with the real world. You will be invited to concerts, car races, boxing matches and the like. In some cases, the VIP Club takes over the entire costs for you (including travel).

You will understand that such special treatments cost a lot of money and therefore only the best VIPs will get them. A nice goal you could work towards.

Exclusive tables – People like to play among themselves

This refers to the tables at the live casino, where you play with real dealers. VIPs can bet significantly more at specially set up tables. In some places, you will even be there all alone, so that no one else can disturb you. The croupier will chat with you 1:1.

Sometimes these exclusive tables are combined with special offers. For example, golden winning cards are hidden in the Blackjack deck or the payout odds in Roulette are higher.

The VIPs know no limits – High Roller wanted

Then there is the possibility to bet and withdraw an unlimited amount. VIPs receive higher limits from online casinos. Partly they are no longer available. Here caution is required because you can lose the faster the control of your money.

But real casinos do not make it differently. Who is a regular guest with them and always places high stakes, receives his benefits. Online casinos only imitate this with their VIP clubs.

VIP bonuses in comparison: which online casino offers more?

Every online casino is financially different. If you want to create a very good VIP Club, you must be willing to invest a lot. Others disguise under this term merely a loyalty program where you can collect points and exchange them for cash.

The range of VIP clubs is a good reason to compare their advantages extensively. We have also taken a close look at the programs for regular players. On this page, you will find recommendations. These providers are among the best for us when it comes to rewarding VIPs appropriately.

Let’s start with the first deposit bonus. This is also known as the welcome bonus or new player bonus. For normal customers, it is usually 100% up to a small three-digit sum. For high rollers, the online casino takes more money in hand. Which can be already times £1,000 and more. But because there is a higher risk for the operator, the casino usually lowers the percentage. Then it is perhaps only 50%. However, if the VIP casino bonus is designed for fair conditions, this is still acceptable.

With any bonus therefore applies: Do not be fooled by the amount of the maximum bonus amount. Check the details in order to have the best chance of a later withdrawal.

Expert tip – such actions are in fact money is given as a gift. Which might tempt you to just accept any VIP bonus. This is exactly what online casinos are aiming for. Whereby some providers really fair and absolutely transparent promotions on the legs. Exactly these pearls among the numerous platforms are to be found.

Very Important Person: which casino treats its players best?

It is difficult to tell from the outside which casino cares the most about its players. In theory, you would have to register and deposit with several of them to be able to compare. In practice, we would prefer to analyze the following points first.

  1. Availability of support: on the one hand, this is about how you can contact customer service. Via live chat, phone, and email for example. Less often you see messenger services like Skype or Whatsapp. On the other hand, we mean availability measured in hours. Few online casinos can really operate a competent live chat 24/7.
  2. Action calendar checks: even before registering, it should be obvious that the casino is always creating new promotions. Especially great are recurring promotions (Cashback Monday, Bonus Friday or similar).
  3. VIP Club / Loyalty Program: In order to make players feel special, the VIP Club is a must. Its possibilities should be explained as transparently as possible. Also, what is necessary to reach the next VIP level.
  4. Find more features: Apart from the points mentioned, you can find other aspects. Does the casino have a fan page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? There you can possibly read about live events. There may also be a blog that provides regular news updates. Everything that goes beyond the standard of online casinos sets a positive sign.

Wagering requirements for the VIP casino bonus

Every casino bonus is tied to a predetermined minimum wagering requirement. This must be known in advance and calculated once. If, for example, £200 bonus money has to be wagered 30 times, this results in £6,000 in volume.

Almost all offers are subject to a time limit. This can be only 7, but also 90 days. The longer, the more stress-free the fulfillment of the requirements.
Likewise is to be paid attention to possible betting limits. 

Very often there is a differentiated crediting of the stakes depending on the game group (Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, etc.). While wagers on slot machines are counted 100%, this is not necessarily true for other categories.

In general, bonus terms and conditions should be formulated with absolute precision. A lack of transparency, e.g. through vague wording, does not inspire confidence.

Unlock the VIP Bonus: our tips

The so-called creditability of stakes in various types of games is of utmost importance. Because a low percentage multiplies the required minimum turnover. Let’s assume that you get £200 as a VIP casino bonus. The wagering requirements demand 20 times that amount.

These percentages are essential to get a realistic picture. Starting from this value, the next step is to take the best possible chances. You will generate the lion’s share with slot machines. Simply because they are 100% credited.

However, the house advantage (payout ratio) with slots is relatively low. If, on the other hand, you play roulette and blackjack absolutely strategically, the house advantage falls to one percent or less.

By varying your bets, it is, therefore, possible that your balance will slowly increase. Many short sessions have proven to be more successful. Keep a cool head and approach the big goal step by step.

When table games have doubled or tripled your balance, you can switch back to the slots.

Tip: If the casino software does not list the remaining minimum wager, write it down by hand. Alternatively, you can also display and save the game history in tabular form.

Reject VIP casino bonus: When the bonus makes no sense?

Here and there you will find a VIP Casino bonus with very high standards. Therefore, you should not accept it. However, in most cases, the credit is automatically with your deposit. If you want to refuse the bonus, this is possible. You just must not have placed a bet with the extra money.

Write to customer service in Live Chat. If this contact option does not exist, use the email address of the provider. Ask for the cancellation of the bonus offer. Once an agent has removed the bonus, you can only wager with your own money.

But be careful: Some online casinos take this as an opportunity to exclude you from all further promotions. Therefore, consider carefully whether the VIP bonus should be rejected.

Recognize a reputable VIP casinos

What good is the biggest and fairest VIP bonus if the casino is neither safe nor reputable? Of course, nothing, because you do not know if your winnings will ever be paid out.

Therefore pay attention to the following points:

What is more important than a VIP program: payment methods & limits

You also need to consider the acceptance of payment methods. Some of the following should be included: Credit Cards, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, Bank Transfer, and Trustly. These are widely used and are considered to be particularly secure, as only then you can trust the money transfer to the casino.

Tip: withdrawals should be processed within 48 hours. Check whether the casino has information about this.

The majority of providers are geared towards hobby players. If you are among them, the limits are negligible. But since we are writing about VIP status, would you like to bet without limits? This is not possible everywhere without further ado.

So check the limits for the payment methods. Plus the betting limits at the VIP tables. Only register an account if everything fits your needs.

Conclusion: VIP casino clubs need to be tested

Many online casinos operate a VIP club. This offers regular players many advantages. Collected points can be exchanged for cash. As a VIP you get more bonus offers, free spins and even invitations to live events.

But unfortunately, most operators are not fully in the cards. You can, however, ask the customer service in the Live Chat. Get as much detail as you can to compare VIP Clubs.

If you are offered a special VIP casino bonus, analyze its conditions. Just because the maximum amount is high, you should not strike immediately.

Pay attention to the security aspects. Use only in UK licensed casinos with a secure SSL connection.

At the end of the day, it’s all about money – your money! Before the gaming fun begins, a little caution can’t hurt. We wish you lots of fun at the slot machines and tables!