Roulette sites

Roulette sites offer casino game of chance, where you bet on combinations of numbers. Discover best online roulette websites in UK, safe to play for real money. Find top UK roulette sites with real dealers beneath.

Best UK roulette sites

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Outcome of the online roulette casino game depends on roulette wheel. Small white ball that decides players’ fate by landing in one of the slots. Online roulette games created with modern technology HTML5 made possible to spin the wheel even on mobile phones.

UK roulette websites with online wheel bring entertaining game. Players can earn juicy prizes. Expect several roulette variants, play on desktop or portable device. Seamless HD streaming sites come with live dealers.

Play at the best online roulette UK sites

roulette sites

Since internet roulette sites proved to be popular, leading casino providers developed mobile roulette tables.

Live and online roulette distinction

Users never playing live roulette against real dealer may wonder what is the difference between live and online roulette wheel. Dissimilarity touches several aspects, making roulette for real money better option than regular online roulette experience.

First of all, even when playing mobile roulette, outcome is not generated by RNG. Real wheel spins and ball lands in one of the slots. Additionally, live casino games are hosted by professional croupiers. Players can socialise with them, as well as other players on the roulette table. Finally, when playing roulette live for money, you see and hear real casino sounds. Experience authentic casino roulette atmosphere!

Best roulette sites for real money

Most of passionate roulette players recognize all game variants. Casino operators created dedicated tables for top players with high stakes roulette. All variations have something special, with individual house edge. Gamblers from United Kingdom can play free roulette or real cash games, at least three prominent variants including online European, American and French Roulette.

Whether you can find more than one roulette variant depends solely on the online casinos offer. These are roulette wheel variants you can play on any device in live casinos:

Roulette online bets

Rules of land-based, online and live roulette are the same. Place bets on tables with designed roulette layouts. Various fields determine bet type. Roulette sites offer two main categories of bets: inside and outside bet. Inside bets are placed on numbers, whereas outside bets are located outside the number area.

Further analysis bring at least five other bet types. Roulette inside bets are known as single, split, street, corner, six lines, trio, basket and top line (American layout only). As the names suggest, players can bet on one or more numbers to get good payout rates.

In outside bets, you are guessing the winning colour (red or black) or type of the winning number (even or odd). Furthermore, bet on group of numbers. For example, put odds on the first 18 numbers and/or on the first 12 numbers etc.

Online roulette games with best payouts

Wnning big prizes with small investments is possible in games with biggest payout rates on inside bets. However, those bets have higher odds against winning; hence, placing them can is a very risky decision.

The best payout of 35:1 can be won if you correctly guess the winning number by placing a single number bet. Additionally, dealer has several other good payout rate bets such as 17:1 (split), 11:1 (basket and street), 8:1 (corner).

Outside bets, on the other hand, bring lower payouts and better winning odds. Place bet on 1st , 2nd , 3rd column, 1st , 2nd and/or 3rd dozen and expect winning amount two times higher than initial bet. The lowest payout of 1:1 is found on the simplest fields: red, black, even, odd, high and low.

Roulette websites betting systems

Online roulette leaves space for players using betting strategies. Improve chances of winning, control losses and prolong gaming sessions. Strategies can be used by everyone enjoying the game. Real dealer roulette systems include:

Online roulette with lowest house edge

House edge helps determine how to improve chances of winning roulette game. Find which variant has the lowest edge and what games should be avoided.

French roulette is recommended variant, as comes with edge of 1.35%. Reason for relatively low edge is the La Partage rule. Players are allowed to keep half of bet amount in case the ball lands on field zero.

Second best option is European roulette. Standard single zero layout features numbers from 1 to 36. European variation is played without La Partage rule. Its house edge (2.70%) is two times higher than French roulette.

Finally, the last roulette game commonly offered is American roulette. Variation doesn’t feature La Partage rule. Additionally features double zero layout. Numbers 1-36 are accompanied by single zero field. American roulette layout brings additional field with a double zero on it. Double zero significantly increases the edge and makes it relatively high 5.26%.

Low and high stakes roulette tables

Roulette table limit is set for low, medium and high rollers. Online casinos offer two types of tables: standard with low betting stakes and VIP tables with no or high limits.

Low and medium roller tables offer extremely low minimum bet amount, varying from £0.10 to £1. High roller tables, don’t allow players to place less than £50 or £100. Maximum bet amount depends on game wheel type. Tables designed for players with small bankrolls accept bets no higher than £200.

High limit roulette tables, where medium rollers can bet up from £1,000 or £5,000. Live casinos offer at least one VIP table for players putting highest bets. Croupiers accept exceptionally high total bet amount of £50,000, £100,000 or more. Usually, table limits can be seen without even taking a seat.