Exclusive casino bonus

The exclusive casino bonus is available to anyone who signs up through Casinomucho.com at any of our partner casinos. These exclusive bonuses are designed specifically for our players. You will not be able to find them anywhere else (only on the list below).

Exclusive bonuses at Casinos online

RankCasino SiteReviewBonusplay
1 Fun Casino
100% bonus up to £123 Play NOW »
2 Flume Casino
£500 Bonus + 150 Spins Play NOW »
3 Deluxino Casino
25 Spins Play NOW »
4 NY Spins Casino
100% BONUS UP TO £100 Play NOW »
5 VoodooDreams Casino
100% BONUS UP TO £100 + 100 Spins Play NOW »

What is an exclusive bonus?

Exclusive casino bonuses are very special promotions provided by the online casinos, specifically for customers who register through our site, or who have already created an account through Casinomucho.com. In return, you will be given access to certain offers and promotions that are only available to our online casino users. From free spins, to match deposit bonus offers, to low and high-roller special deals – there is something for every type of player. We have partnered with the best online casinos in the UK to help you find the top deals.

Difference between a regular and an exclusive casino bonus

Casinos regularly offer bonuses to attract customers. But customers who sign up through our site have one big advantage: they enjoy absolutely amazing deals that you can only get if you sign up through us at the casino of your choice.

What exclusive bonuses are available?

There are a variety of different, exclusive bonus offers that vary from casino to casino. We have compiled a list of the different exclusive offers and discounts you can find on our platform.

Deposit bonus

For the match deposit bonus, you must first invest your own money. Then the casino will match your deposit by giving you the same amount again – or even more than the original deposit was worth. At Casinomucho.com we have the best offers and discounts for your deposit!

No deposit bonus

When you sign up for an exclusive no deposit bonus, you do not have to deposit a single cent. In principle, the casino gives you free money so that you can try out the games for fun. Our partners are very generous, there are exclusive cash upfront bonuses. Here you get a fixed amount at the beginning – let’s say 50 Pounds. You get a time-limited bonus, which is usually bigger but has to be played in a certain amount of time – about 500 Pounds, which you have to wager within two hours.

Free spins

Of all the exclusive casino bonus types that exist, the free spins are by far the most popular promotions. Casinos love to give away these bonuses so you can try out the slots and the platform in general. With free casino spins, you can win real money. You can also use the winnings to top up a bankroll – without having to deposit a single cent. Casinos usually give out around 20 free spins, sometimes as many as 40, but we have exclusive offers where you can get up to 100 free spins if you sign up with our partners through our site.

High-roller exclusive bonus

If you’re a high roller, get ready for some serious VIP treatment. Our online casinos love customers who want to spend big money and will treat you very well if that’s what you want. To give players extra motivation for depositing very large amounts of money, online casinos give you a high roller bonus. These bonuses can be up to 1000 Pounds. Sometimes they are also a percentage of the total amount deposited. So if you’re looking to play for real money, take a look at the welcome discounts on our promotions page – maybe you can play even more extravagantly than you thought!

Low-roller exclusive bonuses

These bonuses are more for the players who do not want to spend a lot of money to play. We have a wide range of exclusive offers for these types of players who only want to invest small amounts of money and still want to make a lot of money. For example, you can get 200% on your deposit as a bonus if you deposit £10, £20 or £50. These types of exclusive bonuses can really get you going and ensure that you win the amount you want without the high risk. Check out our exclusive low roller bonus offers on our promo page.

What to look for – wagering requirements

Each casino comes with very specific terms and conditions of contract and wagering that are related to the exclusive bonus. Therefore, read them carefully before you decide to register at the casino. This is the best way to find out which exclusive casino bonus really suits you. This is even more important for the casino welcome bonuses: you only get it once. You should really check the conditions before you commit to an online casino deal that you do not like at all.

There are some special conditions, such as maximum payout limits or certain wagering to be achieved. You may need to deposit a certain amount of money, around £10, to get the bonus money into your account. You may have to wager the bonus money 10, 20 or 50 times.

You should also always check beforehand for which games the bonus is valid, and whether the conditions are the same for each game. Sometimes online casinos do not even allow you to wager bonus money on games like roulette. Another condition could be that you are not allowed to play the maximum bet – but only about 10% or 20% of the bonus money. You are also not allowed to open more than one account in any one online casino – each bonus code may only be used once.

The validity of the exclusive bonus – how long is it valid?

You will be asked to use up the bonus within a specific time frame. Larger deposit discounts usually have a shorter time, such as within 24 hours. More time you have when it comes to smaller bonuses, usually around the 7 days, but even that should always and in principle be checked in the user rules of the online casino.

How do you get the exclusive bonus?

First, you must register with the casino that offers the bonus, through our casino promotions page if you are a new customer. If it is about a bonus for already registered players, then you must already have an account at the casino.

You will be redirected from our promo page directly to the appropriate bonus page by clicking on it. From here you will need to follow all the instructions and conditions to receive the bonus. The exclusive bonus code can be found on the promo page exactly where the listing is. You usually have to enter it after clicking on it on the casino page when you log in to your account or create a new account.

For which games is the bonus code valid?

The games for which you can use the bonus code depend on the specific bonus and of course on the wagering requirements of the online casino. As a general rule, slot machines have the loosest rules, but bonuses are also available for Craps, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette.

Can I use the same code more than once?

No, an exclusive bonus can only be used once in the online casino through the same account. If you try to get the same bonus twice by opening multiple accounts, you will be penalized. So better leave it alone! But don’t be afraid, our partner casinos not only offer great deals to new customers, but also to existing ones. 

Choose your exclusive casino bonus today!

Clearly: the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! That’s why exclusive casino offers are so popular among players. You get the chance to collect free winnings and you don’t even have to take a risk.

What’s not to like? So, take a look at our current exclusive bonus programs. They are made just for you, and we hope you enjoy playing for free.