Casino cashback

Playing in an online casino and getting money back if the form of cashback, if you lose, is probably the dream of every player. With online casinos offering cashback you get at least a part of your losses back. How this works and whether this money-back guarantee has a catch, we discuss in the below guide. Here, find our recommendations for the best cashback casino sites for UK players.

Best casinos with cashback offers

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1 Fun Casino
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2 Flume Casino
£500 Bonus + 150 Spins Play NOW »
3 Deluxino Casino
25 Spins Play NOW »
4 NY Spins Casino
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5 VoodooDreams Casino
100% BONUS UP TO £100 + 100 Spins Play NOW »

Above casino providers shine with fair conditions and offer a safe gaming environment. However, they are by far not the only ones with an online casino cashback offer. For example, find regular cashback promotions at our top 10 casinos UK list. In the following, we explain the basics of this special bonus and give you tips on how to make the most of it.

What is an online casino cashback bonus?

If you search for the term cashback in the English dictionary, in the result you will refer to word refund. In order to qualify for a casino cashback, two steps are required:

Now it should be clear to everyone that you will not get back your entire lost bet – otherwise, no casino could exist for long. Nevertheless, an online casino cashback is a good way to limit your losses when your luck runs out. Casino refund is especially beneficial for long-term players with a strategy. As casino operators hire creative minds, you will find several options below, how such a casino cashback offer looks like.

What types of cashback are there?

As mentioned above, refunds and their terms can be completely different. Every online casino comes with an individual approach and concept to find new and exciting variations. To get some structure in the matter, you can see here the different categories of online casino cashback:

We will go through the individual points together in a moment. As each variation offers different advantages. Discover special features and in the end, everyone can choose the best casino cashback offers to suit a single taste.

Welcome cashback for new customers

This is the newest version of this special casino bonus. You will find more and more gambling providers who do not offer a deposit bonus and free spins as a welcome package but bring you a cashback on sign up. Some online casinos even let you choose which of these options you want to have as part of your first deposit.

The advantage over the classic option is that this rebate has fewer conditions and you are usually free to choose the games you want to play. If you use cashback bonuses in the best online casinos, you combine the greatest possible freedom with reinsurance.

Promotions & campaigns

Regular players that have already spent a long time in online casinos, certainly got a cashback casino action to see. This is a limited offer to a certain period of time, game or a special game category. Keep your eyes wide open if you like to play high payout rate games covered by cashback. In this way, you will minimize loss and take advantage of the higher winning chance.

VIP programs

Loyal players receive various bonuses and benefits by participating in the VIP program for high rollers or VIP Club. Often, top online casinos offer cashback bonuses as one of these exclusive benefits. Depending on the player level, there is a higher cashback, combining percentage and total amount. If you are busy collecting VIP points, you are also working on your cashback options at the same time. The reimbursement is usually on all stakes with a monthly cashback basis. Many casino sites offer their customers refunds up to an incredible 50%!

Live casino games

If you like to play blackjack, roulette or baccarat with a real croupier in a live casino, you are suffering due to lack of classic bonus offers available in the live dealer area. However, you can often use a live casino cashback. If you don’t have the lucky hand at one of the tables, you’ll get a share as casino cashback for another try.

How does a cashback differ from other bonuses?

In the world of online casinos, you will find many different bonuses. For those who so far only know free spins and a welcome bonus for the first deposit, we recommend our overview of the casino bonus types. Probably the biggest difference between a cashback and the other bonuses is that you get it only when you lose. Cashback protects you from a total loss and gives you the opportunity to put you back on the winning track through recovered money. 

Below find all the advantages and disadvantages of casino cashback in comparison to other bonus types.

Casino cashback:

Other bonus offers:

As you can see, a classic bonus offer compared to the cashback give you an immediate overview, so can quickly decide when one or the other variant is beneficial for your play style. Cashback bonuses are recommended for live casino players.

What are the cashback bonus terms?

One of the biggest advantages of a cashback offer is hardly any conditions or much lower than classic bonus wagering requirements. There is always a cashback limit and the percentage of the bonus that is returned to the player’s account. The limit is usually set between 10% and 20%. Also, terms and conditions often include limits on the number of winnings you can make with the refund.

In this way, the casinos ensure that a possible huge win does not break their necks. If there are further restrictions or playthrough conditions, these are still far below the standard wagering of another bonus offer. Remember to activate cashback before the first bet. The only exception to this is a refund given as part of a VIP program.

Daily Cashback Bonus

As the name suggests, this is a bonus that is calculated on the basis of the losses incurred over the day. An example: You lose 100 Pounds on Monday, the cashback is 15%. So you will be credited with 15 Pounds on Tuesday. Daily cashbacks are often only given for a certain period of time, for example during special promotions time, ie. prior holidays.

Weekly Cashback Bonus

This form of reimbursement is probably the most widespread. The majority of casinos offer cashback for a 7-day cycle. Promotion often starts on a Monday and ends on Sunday. All bets that are lost within a week are summed up together. If the sum exceeds the minimum amount specified by the casino, a percentage of the losses is transferred to the player’s account as cashback money. In most online casinos weekly refund is between 10% and 25%.

Monthly Cashback Bonus

Our experience with cashback in online casinos has shown that a monthly cashback bonus is the most sensible thing for players who only visit the casino occasionally. However also players who tend to play with higher stakes usually prefer a monthly cashback, as these are naturally higher than a daily or weekly casino bonus. 30 days is a long time, although good casinos usually remind players about cashback offer.

How to choose the best cashback casino?

If you are looking for the right casino, you have two options. You can either sign up with one of our tested, top cashback casinos or you can go and research on your own. For the latter, we recommend taking a close look at each casino provider ratings

Conclusion – Is it worthwhile to use a casino cashback?

Online casino cashback is your safety net against a big loss and particularly suitable for long-term players. Should you participate in a VIP program, a refund is automatically available at your account. For lovers of the live casino, cashback is often the only option for a bonus.

Always keep an eye on cashback promotions. Do it like the professional stock traders and protect yourself against losses. Ideally, you never take advantage of the cashback. But if things don’t go so well, you’re lucky to have it.


What is the difference between the cashback and cashback bonus program?

Most of the time, the two terms are used to separate cashback in a VIP program from the other variants. Above, you will find an overview of the different types of cashback, where we explain the differences and give you recommendations, which variant is useful for which player.

What’s the catch with casino cashback?

Cashback is not a classic bonus offer. Your losses are cushioned. Promotions guarantee money-back from the casino operator. Of course, not the entire stake, otherwise a casino would go bust. There are also a few cashback conditions that you have to adhere to.

How regularly is the cashback paid out?

That depends on what form of refund is involved. The most common are daily, weekly or monthly cashbacks. However, a serious statement can only be made if you consider what kind of cashback it is.

Are cashbacks available in every casino?

This type of bonus is not available in all online casinos. Bear in mind to always read the small print. Check if there are any winnings restrictions on the rebate or whether you are only allowed to use it in certain games.