Best RTP slots

High RTP slots are extremely popular for online casino fun! In the long-term, chances of winning at the slot machine, can be estimated in advance with the help of the RTP payout rate. But which are the best RTP slots machines? Check our ranking of the slots with the highest RTP payout rate. Furthermore, we provide you with all important information about Return to Player!

Casino slots with the highest RTP

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Which slot machines pay best? The answer is our list of slots with the highest RTPs. We’ve found plenty of online slot games that are perfect for risk-averse or security-conscious players. With all the games listed, you can assume that you will get the most for your money (in the long run) and enjoy the highest chances of winning. Why not try out the best RTP casino slots directly yourself?

Find  top 5 slots with the highest RTP values are presented to you below. We also provide you with the most important facts about the games.

1. Ugga Bugga: RTP king of Playtech

No way to lose? Ugga Bugga is almost right. This is made possible by a fantastic RTP of 99.07%, which makes this jungle-themed slot machine the top of our ranking of slots with the highest payout percentage. Theoretically, the RTP King pays out over 99 cents for every Pound wagered! That’s good fun. Back in 2006 Playtech brought Ugga Bugga to the market. On the 3-roller slot with a total of 10 rows, the action is quite colourful. Earn a golden nose by trading with natives. The maximum win is 5,000 Pounds (a thousand times the stake). Bonus features include a wild symbol – the golden tiki mask – and the “Hold and Respin” feature.

2. Mega Joker: RTP attraction in fruit style

With this classic fruit slot, symbols such as plums, cherries or lemons are shown on the 3×3 5-line slot. A very simply game principle makes the well-known slot machine from NetEnt very attractive even for beginners. Not to mention the lavish payout rate of 99% and the high winning possibilities. Visually, Mega Joker looks like a slot machine from a real casino, and there are also typical sound effects and flashing lights. Old school feeling is spreading. Apart from the basic game, Mega Joker also has an exciting bonus game (Super Meter mode) and a progressive jackpot on board. The maximum prize is limited to 30,000 Pounds. So what are you waiting for?

3. Nemo’s Voyage: Dive with great chances of winning

Also equipped with a proud RTP of 99%, online slot from Williams Interactive will allow you to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Captain Nemo. In the depths of the sea, countless treasures await you, which you can rake in on the 5 reels and 40 paylines. The maximum prize is a massive 250,000 Pounds! You will be supported in your treasure hunt by four different wild symbols and a scatter. Free spins and a great bonus game round off this exciting underwater adventure. The longer you play Nemo’s Voyage, the greater the potential for big prizes! 

4. Ooh Aah Dracula: Funny and scary slot fun with high RTP

The next slot from the 99% RTP club is Ooh Aah Dracula from Playcrest. The title with a payout rate of 99% takes on the legend of the bloodthirsty Dracula and his vampire followers in a humorous way and comic graphics. The entertaining gameplay, delivers regular winnings in various scales, is spread over a 5×3 grid, framed by an ancient castle. Matching the theme, you’ll encounter sinister symbols such as a werewolf, a vampire lady or, of course, Dracula himself. In addition, Playcrest has given the slot a wild symbol that appears more frequently as the stakes increase, as well as free spins and a bonus game. There’s no jackpot, but the maximum prize of 50,000 Pounds is a real consolation.

5. Cosmic Quest II – Mystery Planets: Insane slot machine with winning extras

In this 5 reel, 20 payline slot, we’re dealing with a 98.95% RTP machine that focuses on space, planets and spaceships. The well-thought-out and easy-to-understand gameplay guarantees a long-lasting fun, even if the graphics are not necessarily up to date. In return there are profitable extras in the form of an Expanded Wild symbol (rocket) and a Scatter (jetpack), which gives you up to 50 free spins. During free spins rounds, all winnings are doubled! There is also a bonus game, which is designed as an interactive mini-game, in which you have the option of steering the spaceship between rocks yourself.

What does RTP mean?

The abbreviation RTP is the short form of “Return to Player”. RTP is usually referred to as the payout ratio. The slot RTP is always given as a percentage and expresses what percentage of the bets placed will be paid out to the players again. The slot payout ratio therefore always says something about the probability of winning, although for most slots the value ranges from 93% to 99%.

The following example explains the interplay of slots and RTP in more detail: If you play a slot with a 97% RTP and invest a total stake of £100, you will be paid an average of £97. The remaining £3 are lost and go into the casino’s cash box! This is also called house advantage, without which no casino could exist.

The RTP value is always an average value

It is important to stress that the RTP payout ratio is always only a statistical average. This can vary both upwards and downwards and is distributed over all players. Conversely, this means that it is never certain that an individual player will actually be paid out £97 out of £100 on a slot with 97% RTP. Real lucky players can clear several thousand Pounds with just a few spins, while unlucky players suffer a total loss. It is and remains gambling!

Casino games with best RTP

Compared to classic one arm bandit machines in land based casinos, where the odds of winning are around 60%, the RTP value of online slots is many times higher. The reason for the huge difference is the high fixed costs (personnel, rent, etc.) that a casino has to bear and which do not arise in an online casino of this size. Therefore, online casinos are able to offer much more attractive payout rates. 

By the way, the casino game with the highest chance of winning is Blackjack (average RTP: 99.5%), closely followed by Craps (average RTP: 98.6%) and Roulette (RTP between 94.6 and 97.3%). If, on the other hand, you are looking for an online casino with the best payout rate, you will find it in this guide!

Which slot RTP ratio is best?

The RTP payout percentage varies from slot to slot. However, there are titles whose average RTP rate is identical, which is not surprising given the sheer endless number of online slots. But to help you better understand the prevailing RTP value of the game, take a look at the following overview.

Remember: the higher the slot machine payout rate, the higher the chances of success!

How high should the slot RTP be at least?

Common sense alone dictates that you should preferably try your luck at slots with the highest possible RTP. The payout rate should be at least 95%. 94% may just be acceptable. Slots with lower RTP are generally not recommended. The danger is simply too great that the losses will eat up the available budget and you will have trouble staying in the game for a long time! However, this is only a guideline value recommended by us. Finally, the individual slot preferences of each player must also be taken into account.

Why return to player rate for slots differ?

The theoretical payout rate depends on the underlying programming or the respective game rules. Ultimately, it is the game developers who are responsible for how high the RTP is for a slot. And since every slot machine is unique, there are corresponding differences between the many titles also with regard to the RTP payout rate. In an online casino, there are often slots with different RTPs, which can range from 90 to 99%.

The RTP value of a slot can vary in different casinos

Can the RTP value for the same slot vary from casino to casino? Yes! Because as it turns out, there are some casinos with a Curaçao license, where certain slots have lower RTPs than those specified by the game developer. This is an attempt by the casino operators to optimize their winnings. Therefore, you should only play in trustworthy casinos and check the slot RTP in advance in the game instructions! Here is an overview of safe and reputable online casinos.

It can also be worthwhile to compare the payout rate for a slot at different casino platforms. If the RTP is significantly lower at a casino, then you should better not play at this provider. All dubious online casinos that manipulate the RTP values, end up on our casino blacklist.

Many software developers – including Play ‘n GO – bring one and the same machine with different payout rates on the market. The casinos can then decide whether to go for a higher or lower RTP. However, the differences are only marginal and are in the decimal place range. Only with larger RTP deviations of 2% and more should your alarm bells ring!

Are there slots with a guaranteed win?

There can be no winnings guarantee in slots or any other casino games. After all, this is a game of chance! To guarantee winnings, a slot would have to have an RTP value of 100% and higher. This is completely unrealistic! No casino would take a slot with a guaranteed win into their program, because they would probably go bankrupt within a few days. But that is no reason to bury your head in the sand. After all, there are plenty of online slots whose average payout rate is close to 100%, as you have seen in the text above.