Live roulette (UK)

Live roulette games continue newest trend in online casinos. If you want to find the greatest live dealer roulette casinos, then you’re at the right place. We reviewed most of the top roulette sites and made sure to list casinos with live games that met our strict criteria.

Authentic live roulette UK gameplay was one of them. Check below table of casinos and see why live dealer games are worth trying. Live roulette offers much more fun than regular roulette games and provide enormous winnings and prizes.

Best live roulette online casinos

What is live roulette?

Live roulette is the latest generation of casino game offerings. Contrary to software based gameplay, you’ll have the chance to play authentic real casino roulette right in your living room. It sounds incredible, but it’s possible. Now, with the latest technologies and fast internet connections online casinos have the possibility to stream actual live games via a webcam. That’s right. You’ll take part in a real game of roulette watching how a real dealer spins the authentic wheel.

All you need to do is to sign into your virtual reality casino and start playing. You’ll have an interface where you’ll be required to set how much to wager and what to bet on. The live roulette dealer will receive your commands in a glimpse of an eye and will start to spin the roulette wheel right after.

Remember: Live roulette is also fun because you can actually interact with the dealer, who is a real person. If for some reason you don’t trust casino software or believe an online casino tampers with the random number generators, then real dealer roulette will clear all doubts for you.

Regarding the odds there isn’t much difference between live roulette and software based online roulette. Online casinos in the case of regular roulette games use random number generators to calculate the results, but if you’re into a true casino like experience, then live roulette is undoubtedly your game.

Play against real dealer

A live roulette is a game that is usually played in a land-based casino. However, other players, especially those who don’t have time to go there for one reason or the other, can join in online. All they need to do is to connect to casino website, where the games are being broadcast.

Obviously, there is a video camera that allows you watch to the live roulette table. Some online casinos will connect to the real-time roulette studio or casino immediately, while others may convince you to install their program into your computer. Whatever the method is, the connection should not be consistent and continuous. Otherwise, your game is bound for disaster.

Live roulette online emulates the same settings as land-based casino. There are other players around, who will serve as your opponent. They can be real people or virtual players just like you. You also have a live dealer, who will be the one in control of the entire game. You need to make your presence felt to him, so he can always include you in the games. You just need to “buy the chips”. This means depositing the sufficient amount of money into your account, so you can start making the bet.

Live roulette UK with bonus

Live dealer roulette games are increasingly popular in online casinos, but obviously not everyone can allow itself to provide this type of gaming. Because live games include hiring real people and setting up real casino settings with roulette tables and wheels, you can expect only the greatest online casinos to offer this new revolutionary play style.

The live version of the most famous casino game – roulette, is a gift for all casino enthusiasts who wish to play the game online with actual real dealers. With great features, like interactive board sessions, improved online roulette types and additional UK live roulette bonus, it has become a hit. You can place your bets using your uncanny skills right from the comforts of your sofa and yet feel the liveliness of the game. This all has been made possible with the live stream.

Feel the real atmosphere of casino live on your computer or mobile screen. Along with live spinning of the wheel and authentic croupiers being involved, this live gaming experience becomes much more enthralling. A player can place both inside as well as outside bets which are differentiated based on the roulette table numbers. Other than the live experience, it is the live roulette bonus offers that pull the users towards this real game.

Match bonus on roulette

100% roulette bonus is provided on first deposits, sign-ups and as jackpots. You can even double your first deposits with the deposit offer. To claim your assured promotion, you have to win certain bets on the roulette table. Some options also include the grand welcome bonus of £200, which is used as promotional offer by some online casinos.

Two types of live roulette games

Live roulette is of two kinds. In one case, the whole game play is virtual in nature and high quality graphics are used to portray a semblance of reality. In the other case, the wheel and roulette is completely real and a full HD camera is used, thus players are assured that no foul play has occurred. Without spending money on travelling, food clothing or such luxuries, a player can sit within the comfort of their homes and offices and choose to utilize their free time while playing with real dealers and players who might be in any corner of the country.

Free live roulette games

Gambling that takes place in real location all over the world is much more costly than the single deposit that one has to make online. Often, this live roulette can be played completely free of cost by people who are honing their skills ad gaining knowledge so that they can play more expert and complicated games later. High speed internet and medium to new technology in terms of hardware is all that one needs to begin the journey on the path of casino live roulette.

Play roulette for fun

With less experience it is possible that one might lose a lot of money and so to avoid that risk, it is preferred that a newbie indulge in free roulette for fun, because they are safe as well as making a player familiar to the rules of live roulette.

Is live roulette safe?

Live roulette as a gamble is a safe option only when the casino is reliable and governed by certified authorities. These sites also provide free or real money based games for both – amateurs as well as pros. Thus, for the player who is just casually looking for some fun and a way to pass the time, the fun and free mode games are a better option. The experts who like to gain more through gambling, it is good to know the odds of winning and losing.

The European wheel in these cases are preferred to the American wheel which has two zero slots. The availability of one zero slot increases the chance of winning by a certain percentage. Therefore, it can be said that the roulette is a game that was fast losing its importance in the casino due to levied service and entertainment charges. This has now come back in a big way in the casino games because of its traditional good flavor as well as easy game playing.

With easy to pay and withdraw money, it has now become a source of livelihood for many but if you want to just indulge in a game or two then these payment methods are least hassling and absolutely stress free just like live roulette.

The rules of live roulette online

The terms and conditions in real-time roulette are no different from land-based roulette’s. There will still be betting, rolling of ball, and placing of chips to your desired numbers. But let’s not ignore the fact that you’re not there. Thus, it’s highly common for dealers in real-time roulette to call the numbers or identify where the ball drops. There are also some online casino programs that permit you to clearly focus on the roulette table, so you know what’s really happening.


How to act in real-time roulette is still the same as to when you’re playing in a land-based casino. First, treat other players with respect. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can cajole or insult someone if he loses games. You should also bet accordingly. Roulettes can be very addicting, and if you don’t know how to control yourself, you can be spending a fortune for them.