Esqueleto Explosivo

Esqueleto Explosivo has been inspired by the Mexican feast Día de los Muertos, which is about celebrating the dead more than mourning them. Esqueleto Explosivo goes all the way! This slot is like a colorful party with beautiful exploding doodle shells of papier maché and moody vocal singing. The theme is so elaborate that it is a real pleasure to see.

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Esqueleto Explosivo review

It’s crazy, it’s adorable and one wants to return time after time! Esqueleto Explosivo does not look like a typical slot but it acts as regular slots with five wheels and three rows. There are a total of 17 paylines and it is guaranteed entertaining to thousands! Also count on good winning chances and best deposit bonus!

How to win at Esqueleto Explosivo?

A winning combination of three or more similar skulls on any of the 17 fixed winning lines gives a profit, blows the skulls and the new skull falls down. You can bet between £0.1 and £100, which provides a comfortable setup for most players.

There is of course an autoplay feature. An interesting thing is also that the win you just had appears as the last of the skulls on the pay line. For example, when you get four pink skulls, the sum of money comes up from the explosion from the skull on the fourth body, so to speak.


The symbols in descending order – the most valuable is pink skull with a rose in the mouth. After that, the green comes with a flower behind its non-existent right ear. Then you have the blue mustache-brushed skull followed by the orange painted with a crack in the skull. Worst paying is the strange proportion of the skull with the tricky tooth.

This is not a high volatility slot, as the most crucial aspect of Esqueleto Explosivo is the multiplier. So do not give up too soon if you think it pays badly. Right as it is, it really rages among the leg and wins go a long way.


What would be a game about the charming and hot Mexican festival Día de los muertos without instrument-playing skeletons? Therefore, in Esqueleto Explosivo, each skeleton has its own instrument. When you win, band begins to play great mariachi music. The happiness in these occasions is something that everyone should see! This slot game is a clean and cute party with inspiration from southerner cultures with sounds and music meeting all the expectations.

Esqueleto Explosivo RTP

The average return to player is at the highest 97%. It’s crazy high compared to most other slots and there are only a few that can compete with Esqueleto Explosivo in that particular field.

The highest win that the slot offers can be completed when all 15 positions are covered by a pink skull and it happens with the 32x multiplier while playing for the maximum bet. Then you can laugh all the way to and from the bank because then you have a total of 34 000 Pounds more in your pocket! Find that slot at £5 deposit casino and play with lowest possible amount required.

Extra spins

There is no direct bonus round or extra spin-rounds at Esqueleto Explosivo. Instead, you get a small re-spin every time you win. The winnings disappear and new symbols take place while a multiplier doubles your winnings.

Each time a new game starts, you have a multiplier set on first level, ever round with heads that fall down, your multiplier doubles, which gives you nice winnings. If the exploding wild – the gold-colored sunglasses sprout – does not generate any profit, but your multiplier will increase. After five wins (or wilds) in a row, your winnings are multiplied by 32 times.

Esqueleto Explosivo on mobile

On the phone or tablet, gaming experience is just as good as on the computer. There is no noticeable difference to what we can see, animations are just as alive and the sound effects are as good. The game works on Android and iOS, thus everyone can play regardless of smartphone model.