Best slots with high, medium, low volatility (UK)

Online slots volatility can be derived from several factors. If you want to learn more about the best low, medium and high volatility slots to play online, check our slot machines volatility index below. In our guide, we explain how to determine slot volatility and how to use that information whilst playing online casino games.

What is slot volatility index?

Volatility is a statistical term used in reference to the average frequency of winnings. In general, a variance is a feature in all online slots, which works as an indicator of the risk level. When choosing a new slot machine, always pay attention to the volatility level.

Slots volatility is important, as it becomes crucial to understand the dynamics of an online slot machine. What does volatility mean in slots? It controls the relation between the two temporary elements that make up the profitability of each game: the number of bets and the number of wins.

The higher the volatility calculation, the more unexpected is the connection between these elements, as they increase the frequency of wins, together with the number of rounds needed to get it.

Volatility is declared in a form of levels, build upon the correlation between winning and payout of each online slot machine. 

Understand slot machine volatility with an example

The slot volatility index can be perceived as part of the fluctuations characterizing the game, as at the end of the day it dictates the rhythm between bets and wins.

Let’s discuss the game with coin (2 sides) and dice (6 sides):

Average win per spin (which in slots is known as RTP) will be the same for both examples, however, you are more likely to lose few times in a row if you play with dice, as there are more possible results than playing with a two-sided coin. Even if RTP is equal, variance changes: volatility of the coin is low, while dice is high.

Theoretical odds of winning are always the same but will gen winning sooner if you play with the coin. If you retire after several throws of dice where you didn’t win, the end result will be worse. However, if you play long enough, you will end up with the same odds as to when you play with the 50% chance winning coin.

Variance in the volatility of online slots

You can’t always think with a detached logic: there are many factors that lead to the choice of a game. Usually, we give a lot more importance to the theme and features such as extra spins or the number of wildcards.

Well, volatility should also be considered, as it gives useful information to increase the chances of winning. In this regard, we can distinguish slot machines in three categories: high volatility, medium volatility, low volatility.

High volatility slots

Best high volatility slots are only suitable for players with a thick wallet, as rewards are much higher than of other slots, but come rarely when you least expect them. Highly volatile casino slots, typically offer better payouts, but winning combinations tend to occur much less frequently.

To play the most volatile online slots, prepare unlimited funds to extend the session if you want to see the jackpot coming in, which will certainly be difficult to get anyway. For this reason, best slots with 99-98% RTP come with high volatility are considered in every sense the opposite of low variance slots, having RTP between 92,5 and 94%.

Best highest volatility slots

Medium volatility slots

Slots with medium volatility are in a middle place as their winnings are not that high, but frequent enough not to lose interest. Average volatility slots come with quite acceptable percentages of RTP, between 95 and 96,5%.

Mid slots combine the best of high and low volatility slots. Thes bring relatively low risk, typical of games with the lowest volatility, but at the same time winning potential is closer to high volatility slots.

List of medium volatility slot machines:

Low volatility slots

Slots with low volatility are divided into classic, 3D and video slots. They carry the lowest risk in the short term and more frequent winning with small amounts at a distance of a few spins. Least volatile slot machines release a win every two or three spins.

When it comes to RTP,  these games start at 96.5% and can exceed 98% for a few. Best low volatility slots online are ideal for impatient players, who like to see immediate results.

List of low volatility slots that payout frequently

How can I check the volatility of a game?

Volatility is inalterable: the way you play can rarely influence it. Nor can you predict it, but you can assume levels by looking at the correlation between the paytable and bonus rounds.

When the highest values are assigned to big rewards or bonus features activated only on certain events, you are definitely playing a slot with high volatility. One trick: most slot machines with progressive jackpots are categorized as the highest volatility games.

To determine game volatility, perform a simple test. Evaluate winnings range awarded with different combinations in paytable by following steps:

If the is a big difference between the previous three amounts, it is very likely that the slot game is highly volatile.

When you investigate a slot bonus, and you find a relatively low payout limit and a high probability of small wins, you are definitely playing low volatility slot.

Signs that reveal a low volatility slot:

Is it worth to play slots with high volatility?

Do not confuse volatility with slot RTP. Although both are almost always associated and have a close relationship, they have no direct correlation. 

Association between RTP and volatility comes as follows:

Players not getting earnings, usually leave the session earlier. RTP of that game type is definitely low. Slot balance indicates the maximum % of RTP expected after longer playing time.

Choosing an online slot machine with low RTP and high volatility has its weakness, but also few advantages: even if you spend a lot of time without winning, if you hold out long enough you are more likely to hit the jackpot.

Slots with high volatility work by maintaining balance for a longer time before making a payout and require much higher investment and patience on the players’ side. You will never know if a big win will come, as it depends solely and exclusively on the RNG (random number generator). You can only keep betting and manage income and expenditure. With the hope, beyond that, that the stroke of luck will eventually come.

Why slot machines with low volatility are the best?

Paradoxically, slots with low volatility offer consistent winnings in online casinos. When the RTP is higher, the house advantage is lower.

Least volatile slots are preferred by most players, also receive the most bets. Users leave casino operators with the highest profit at the end of the day. Casino websites distribute winnings, but you could still literally call them fundraising machines.

Even for low volatility slots, winnings depend on the RNG software. Prizes are given after few spins and in general, are low, but happen more frequently, thus you could make only a few spins to get a winning.

Success of this type of slot machine is much more attractive to players, as it offers the feeling of victory almost from the beginning. On top of that, graphics are often very attractive with easy to use navigation.

Which volatility index is best suited to your style of play?

Find out which slot fits your play style, try it first in demo version, without risking real money. How to do this? Our free slots catalog allows you to play with no deposit. Should you find a slot that suits your needs, you can play it for real money in the best UK slot sites listed on a dedicated page.

Evaluate a slot to see if provided volatility is acceptable. First, consider whether to play on an adaptable, unlimited budget or with funds you don’t want to exceed.

The second thing to deal with is exactly what you want, as nobody knows what you like than you. Do you just want to have fun with a good slot or you want to win some money?

The last thing – what is your appetite for risk. The essence of gambling comes with risk & volatility, which have direct consequences on your budget.

When to choose slots with low volatility?

Slots with low volatility are recommended for players who want to relax, play a couple of rounds and enjoy several wins in a short time. Aside from those slots that you consider to be among your favorites for various factors, low volatility online slots are still the best choice for the below circumstances:

Choosing slots with medium volatility

If you are not the most risky person, opt for slots with an average variance. These games are the most popular type in all UK online casinos.

Medium volatility slots might be for you if:

Give a high volatility slot machines a chance

We left the high volatility slots for last, as that type of a casino game is definitely not for everyone. Eliminate them from your possible choices, unless: