Space Arcade

Space Arcade was one of the first slot machines developed by NoLimit City. Young company naturally have a hard time in the highly competitive online casino market. What benefits NoLimit City is that many of the employees have had great relationships with some of the major providers for many years or even worked for them as freelancers or permanent employees in various areas. Development department enjoyed a good reputation even before the first slot was released.

Whether NoLimit City has succeeded with this machine, or whether you better shoot the slot into the vastness of space and then forget, you can find here our detailed Space Arcade review.

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Space Arcade review

“The year is 1978. Space Invaders are embarking on an unstoppable triumphal march on the planet Earth…” or something like that could be an intro for this slot. The background of the game is a graphic of a dark, foggy planet surface from which we look over the horizon into the universe. Small stars pass in the green-violet shimmering light. The play area is transparent, thus the view into space is not lost even during the spinning reels. The machine has only 3 reels with 9 paylines. The symbols are different colored pixel structures.

The contrast to the background is also very good, so you can play Space Arcade on your mobile phone outdoors with more light as long as you have stable internet connection. The slot runs directly in the browser and no download is necessary. The setting options are located at the bottom of the screen. Next to the round bet on the left side you will find big Start button in the middle. To the left and right of it are the smaller buttons for auto and speed play. The account balance is displayed on the right. Via the small sandwich menu you get access to the game rules and a few more options for the sound.

The very tidy playing field has become something like a trademark of NoLimit City and can also be found on all newer slots like Wixx or Tesla Jolt. The first impression of this slot is quite positive, but not exuberant. Technically, the machine is on the highest level and certainly also serves all those whose preference lies in the simple slots with 3 reels and without much gadgetry.


Before the fun in space begins, you have to decide what is your stake. Since all 9 winning lines are always played and a minimum of 1 pens per line must be rapped, the minimum is 9 pens per spin is required. You can risk a maximum of 90 Pounds per spin.

Additionally there is the Winged Wild symbol. If this appears on one of the 3 reels, you get an extra re-spin. At the same time, the multiplier is increased by one level in the event of a win. In Winged Wild mode, the multiplier is also not reset.

Slots Arcade RTP

Apart from these two features, there are no other extras on the machine. With a theoretical payout ratio of 96.47%, the slot is in the middle of the best paying games ranking.


Space Arcade is perfect for running alongside, because it’s very simple and you don’t have to pay attention to anything special, as there are no further interactions like in complicated slots with bonus games. You can switch to the AutoPlay function and let the slot start automatically run up to 100 rounds. In addition, you can also make a few settings when the automatic game should be terminated prematurely.

The machine won’t do without any extras. There is an additional multiplier for each win. This can be increased up to 6 times with a winning series. However, if the series is interrupted, the multiplier is also reset to “1”.


Space Arcade is certainly not a machine for all those who love lots of extras and extraordinary gameplay. If you just want to play slots, but still prefer the highest technical standard, you should certainly have a look at Space Arcade. Despite the relatively few functions, it still makes you feel like playing.