Progressive slots

Casino operators tend to offer progressive slots online based on the total spent on the individual game. The more that is staked on a slot jackpot game, or indeed the more money goes into a physical slot machine, the more it will pay out to those who do strike it lucky.

In some circumstances, jackpot games are much more substantial, and slot players can hope to win truly life-changing sums of money. These so-called progressive slots online can offer prizes running into the millions, and the level playing field that is slot play means that everyone has an equal chance of scooping the top prize.

Naturally, this gives progressive slot machines a unique appeal, but what are progressive slots and how can you go about sourcing the best prizes available at online casinos?

What is a progressive jackpot slot?

Progressive slots are slots where you can win a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that doesn’t consist of a fixed number of coins. Instead, it grows larger and larger until it pays out to a randomly selected player. Each time you wager on a progressive slot machine, a part of your wager will help feed the progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpot

An online progressive game is one that is linked to other slots games and players worldwide. In some instances, online slots can be linked to offline slot machines, all of which are contributing to the jackpot to create the potential for massive prizes to be won.

When someone wins the jackpot, they win the inflated prize that comes from having more players taking part. As a result, progressive slots are often seen to be offering the most significant take-home prizes for players anywhere online.

Finding the biggest progressive online slots prizes

Not all progressive slots real money prizes are equally as big. The size of the jackpot depends on the size of the network contributing to it, and so progressive games with larger providers tend to be able to offer much more significant prizes.

Having said that, the more slots players that are involved in a given progressive network, the less chance the individual player has of being the winner, and so individual players need to think about how to give themselves the best chance of being in the right place at the right time to smash the progressive jackpot.

Not only progressive games are bringing high winnings. Learn more about different kinds of Megaways slot games, where unique pay lines contribute to massive win potential.

Why jackpots matter?

Jackpots matter because they make UK slot sites more interesting. Ask any slots fan whether they’d rather be playing for pennies or for millions, there aren’t many that would choose the former over the latter. When choosing the top online casino to play with, jackpots can really make the difference – not only because they pose opportunities to win more money, but also because bigger networks tend to be regarded as more credible and more legitimate by numbers.

As a result, players should always be mindful of the respective jackpot amounts available when choosing between two or more slot sites.

Highest jackpot winnings

Slot machines can be connected with each other in small or large networks that help feed a common progressive jackpot. In offline casinos, it may, for instance, be a group of 15 slot machines located in a separate section, while online casinos typically have much larger networks. A game developer like NetEntertainment or Playtech can decide to launch a new online slot where all slots of that particular type help feed a communal progressive jackpot, regardless of which online casinos they are placed in. 

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This type of progressive jackpot can quickly grow really big since there are so many machines feeding it. At the time of writing, the progressive jackpot for the slot machine Mega Fortune contains well over 6.5 million Pounds.

Best progressive slots from Net Entertainment

We compiled a list of Netent’s biggest jackpot games and give you a quick overview of the most important things you need to know when you start playing. You can play any of these jackpot slots on casinos featured on top of this page.

The necessity to play maximum coins

Playing the slot machine is made more highly interesting, profitable and fun because of the advent of progressive slots. This is played on a network of slot machines that are linked on a single server where a percentage of all the accumulated wagers on the slot network form a common jackpot fund that grows until a player wins the progressive jackpot. The jackpot amount from progressive slots is considered to be life-changing because of the enormous amount at stake. Progressive jackpots can reach as high as millions of jackpot prize making it one of the best-paying casino games.

Many casinos offer progressive slot games on their gambling establishment and it is a standard rule to play the maximum numbers of coins in order to qualify for the progressive slots win. Many casino players always neglect this fact that they need to play the maximum numbers of coins required by the slot machine, as a pre-requisite for qualifying to win the bigger progressive slot jackpot.

It is often advised that when a slot player does not intend to play the maximum coin, they should try playing the regular slot machine games instead since they will not win the jackpot once they hit the winning symbols on a pay line where they play short of the required numbers of coins to play.

Winning odds

Instead, they are paid according to the regular payout schedule of the progressive slot machine where the odds of winning are far lower than playing regular slot games, where the machine is not networked. It is most prudent that a slot player learns to read the rules of playing the progressive slots in order to know different requirements that will make them eligible for the bigger jackpot payout.

It is also wise to look around online for casinos with progressive slot games and engage in the habit to compare which casino site has the biggest progressive jackpot at stake and to choose that site to play at. Being an important requirement to win the progressive jackpot, it is empirical that slot players keep in mind to play max in order not to pass up the chance of becoming the next winner of life-changing slot games.