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Modified: 15/01/2019

Paysafecard is a casino payment option specifically designed for people who would not want to leave any traces of their wagering in online gambling sites. This is because it relies on a voucher for cash transactions and there is no trace outside your UK online casino that you did indeed gamble there.

Online casinos accepting PaysafeCard

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PlayFrank Casino


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Fun Casino


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  • 24 hours cashouts
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Wixtars Casino


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  • One of the best loyalty programs
  • Genereous welcome bonus
  • Extremely fast withdrawals
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Cashmio Casino


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Kaiser Slots


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  • Top software brands

Why Paysafecard casinos are special?

Paysafecard is a special transaction platform with the following unique features as opposed to other online casino payment options:

  • No bank account or credit card statements are involved in the use of Paysafecard.
  • With Paysafecard, you can have mobile casino top-ups with their mobile phone application, which is available in almost all the mobile platforms.
  • There are Paysafecard retail outlets that sell and cash vouchers.
  • With Paysafecard, you get to have a chance of free top-ups via bank.

For the people who would love to have a taste of British online casinos but do not want to reveal their bank account and credit card details online, they can rely on Paysafecard to accomplish their gambling needs.

One may wonder how they can find the Paysafecard retail outlets, especially if they are new in United Kingdom’s towns. Well, there is an easy guide availed in the Paysafecard website. All that one needs to do is to visit this websites and provide details of their location. These details are the city and pin code after which you will receive a list of all Paysafecard outlets within reach. A map of their location is also provided. Any of these outlets can be used to make deposits and withdrawals.

Paysafercad casino deposits and withdrawals

To complete any transaction with Paysafecard, you need to visit a retail outlet. For deposits, one buys Paysafecard prepaid vouchers from the outlet. You then log in to your casino online, move to the cashier section and select the deposit tab.

Once you are in the deposit page, you should select Paysafecard, after which you enter the amount you wish to deposit in the ‘Voucher Amount’ field. This is followed by entering the voucher number, located on the voucher you bought, in the appropriate field requesting for it. Once you click the deposit button, the amount is instantly credited to your casino account.

For withdrawals, the player should log in to their online casino and go to the withdrawal tab within the cashier section. They should then input the amount they wish to withdraw and then click the withdraw button. An email confirming the withdrawal is sent to them. A special Paysafecard voucher code is displayed on the transactions tab and they can log in to the Paysafecard website and input this code.

A new Paysafecard Barcode appears on the screen and this is taken to the Paysafecard authorized terminal for cashing purposes. The maximum and minimum withdrawal and deposit limits can be viewed from the online casino’s banking page.

Paysafecard as a banking method

With Paysafecard you can rest assured that you’re paying for the games you want to play safely. This is the safest method of paying for real money online casino gaming that is possible.

That’s because it’s a voucher and it’s completely anonymous and able to be used at the spur of the moment. Really, what we all want from our online casino deposits and withdrawals is a way to play that is safe and efficient. We want to get to the games we love without having to worry about how we pay for that enjoyment.

How it works?

Paysafecard is an internationally recognized way to pay for the games you love to play with real money. They are based in the UK and have a great reputation for helping people to pay for items of all sorts. Consumers around the world can use the Paysafecard casino payment plan to send money, to play for things they want to do online and more. They are operated with the Smart Voucher Ltd. and are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, known as an EMI.

How do I use Paysafecard

The way the Paysafecard works is that it’s a ticket with a 19 digit code. You go to the real money site where you want to play and you indicate that you’re using the Paysafecard. You’ve already gone to a retail outlet or a gas station, an ATM or a kiosk and purchased your Paysafecard voucher.

There are different levels of vouchers that you can purchase so you’ll decide how much you want to buy. Now, with your voucher in front of you, you type in the 19 digit code and the casino will immediately know how much money you have to spend. And that’s it. Then it’s time for awesome gaming and for easy online casino deposits. It couldn’t be easier than they make it with the Paysafecard.

The benefits abound

There are so many benefits with using Paysafecard. First, it’s the absolutely best way to stay anonymous as you play. No one knows who you are or to whom the voucher belongs. It’s a completely anonymous way to play and to enjoy paying for real money gaming.

The ticket can sit in your house for ages so you’ll be ready to play exactly when you want to do so without having to plan ahead. You don’t need an access code and you don’t need to remember any passwords or complicated details. None. You simply walk into a store or buy the voucher online and then have the 19 digit code to use to pay for the things you want to do.

Simplicity of use

Certainly, you want the most simple way to pay for the real money games you love – and to play without any hassles. This method is definitely this method. It makes for a great gift too, by the way, for anyone that you know who loves gaming.

They can retrieve the voucher and use it when they want to do so. When you have cash in your hand and are ready to play, you’ll realize just how easy the Paysafecard system really is for all of your playing needs. It doesn’t get more intuitive or more simple than this! You’ll have the cash today.

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