Entropay casinos

Entropay is a virtual, prepaid credit card that can be used for online casino deposits. Entropay casino credit can be added by bank transfer or credit card. Balance is available immediately for Entropay casinos payment. Casino winnings also can be withdrawn to Entropay card. In essence, Entropay combines credit card with eWallet.

Entropay casinos offer high degree of anonymity. Your bank or credit card issuer sees that you have made payment to Entropay. Deposit to online casino remains hidden (same with payouts). Winnings are paid to the Entropay account.  You can either withdraw them to the credit card or to your bank account.

Best Entropay casino sites

Physical credit card is not required anymore to pay on the internet. Essentially, you need the credit card number and security code (CVV). Anyone who plays in online casinos usually wants to do this anonymously. Growing demand for Paysafecard casinos shows that clearly. Entropay is a very good alternative to Paysafe Card and also offers some other benefits. We have summarized the main advantages and disadvantages below.

As Entropay is practically a VISA credit card, or rather a VISA debit card, it is worth to take a look at our list of casinos that accept Visa payments. The majority of these casino operators should also accept Entropay. In the table above, we have listed casinos that explicitly state that Entropay payments are accepted.

Entropay online casinos pros and cons

Casino Entropay FAQ

  1. Does every casino accept Entropay?
    Basically you should be able to deposit in any online casino with Entropay, which also accepts VISA card deposits. On this page we have listed online casinos which include Entropay in their payment with terms and conditions. However, Entropay cards may not be accepted for a variety of reasons. Also, deposits with classic credit cards are not always successful. As you know, tasting is about studying. If it does not work for a casino, there are plenty of alternatives. In our experience, Entropay works for example in SlotsMillion casino without problems.
  2. Can I top up Entropay with PayPal?
    No, this is impossible. Bank transfer or credit card top up are the only options.
  3. What are deposit and withdrawal limits?
    Entropay account level determines what are the transaction limits. Three account levels, including Basic, Standard and Pro can be updated for free, at any time (last two). Please note that following levels apply to Entropay, as online casinos may have separate deposit and withdrawal limits. Starter level and can top up to £200 by credit card. After fully verifying account details and the bank account (completely free of charge) limits on Pro level are adjusted to £10 000 per month. When it comes to bank withdrawals, Pro customers can transfer up to £10 000 per month (Standard account only £800 per year and Basic are unable to do it).
  4. What are the Entropay fees?
    Entropay is not necessarily the cheapest way to deposit or withdraw money in online casinos. Anonymity costs. On one hand, Entropay charges a relatively high amount for topping up the virtual credit card. Some online casinos also add a fee for deposits with Entropay. Operators in the table above are offering free Entropay deposits.

Entropay casino withdrawal to credit card

Yes, in principle this is possible However, there are also restriction that a withdrawal is accepted only to sane the credit card that was used to to up the Entropay card. Another restriction is that the amount can not be higher than the sum of Entropay top ups in the last 12 months.

Example: You are transferring to Entropay £100 per month from your Visa card, you you can withdraw a maximum of £1,200 from Entropay to the credit card.


As part of the Ixaris Systems Ltd, your Entropay online payments are secured. This company is known for making customer accounts rock-solid and has received multiple certifications and audits. Ixaris Systems has been licensed by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) to process digital money for EntroPay. All personal data, login details and transactions are secured by 128-bit encryption, thus exchange of information between EntroPay servers and the users can not be encrypted. EntroPay knows how to handle that trust, as player’s confidence is important when playing at an online casino. Deposits or withdrawals are never disclosed to third parties. In addition, the transaction only shows the payee EntroPay as the payer, never the actual user, thus payments always remain anonymous. Additionally, passwords are not even available to EntroPay employees.

Customer service

Should you have problems using the EntroPay card or the account, log in to your online dashboard and navigate to the help desk to get in touch with customer support. Log-in is a prerequisite to protect your own data. You can also reach EntroPay team by email. Enter your username only, sensitive data such as passwords or credit card numbers are not required at any time. Unfortunately, there is no telephone line available.

Entropay alternatives

For whom anonymity is important, Paysafecard casino is a suitable alternative for depositing in online casinos. However, problem with Paysafecard deposits is that the payouts are made to the bank account. Your (curious) banker can see that you have received payment from online casinos. If you really want to play anonymously, use Entropay and have your profits paid out first on Entropay card and then transferred the credit card or bank account.