EcoCard casinos

EcoCard is a prepaid Mastercard accepted by many online casinos for deposits (nicknamed as Eco Casinos). EcoCard is a product of ecoPayz and can only be used in conjunction with an ecoAccount (eWallet). At Eco Casino you can deposit only as much, as you have gathered on ecoAccount connected to EcoCard.

If you are not familiar with how ecoPayz casino works, we have compiled all the information here. If you just want to know, which online casinos accept EcoCard, below you will find full overview.

Eco casino sites that accept EcoCard

EcoCard registration

In order to receive an ecoCard, first you need to open a new account with ecoPayz. Registration with ecoPayz is free and can be completed online in a few simple steps. After that, you have to verify your personal data. For this you will need to proof your home address (ie. with electricity bill), as well as the identity card must be e-mailed to ecoPayz. Once that is done, you can apply immediately for the free ecoCard.

Alternatively, ecoPayz also offers so-called ecoVirtualcard. This is a virtual credit card that can only be used for online and payments over the phone.

No matter whether you opt for the ecoCard or the ecoVirtualcard – with both you can make deposits at Eco online casinos. First, you have to transfer money to the e-wallet called ecoAccount.

Once you have loaded money on the ecoAccount, you can either deposit directly into the EcoCasino account, or transfer money via ecoCard or ecoVirtualcard. You can top up e-wallet by credit card (only Visa and Master Card are accepted), Paysafecard or classic bank transfer (SEPA).

Eco casinos – pros and cons

FAQ eco Card casino

Example: You deposit by ecoAccount 200 Pounds into the Eco online casino. You won and have the money transferred from the casino to your ecoAccount. Now you can withdraw 200 Pounds from your ecoAccount at the ATM with the ecoCard.


The ecoCard is an excellent option to convert winnings from the online casino into cash. First, open a new account with ecoPayz and upload money to your e-wallet (ecoAccount). This will allow you to deposit funds at the online casino. If you win then, you can have the money paid out to your ecoAccount. From there you can anonymously withdraw the money with the ecoCard from ATM.