Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

Anyone who plays in an online casino naturally wants to rely on the fact that bets are in safe hands, together with real chances of winning. This is exactly what the numerous licensing authorities are responsible for.

One of them is Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, which licenses and supervises all online casino providers in the region. In the following, we have taken a closer look and examined in detail how the Isle of Man gambling authority works.

For each player, the license from this authority promises the highest level of security and trust in any case. Therefore, only operators with an official licence should be used. 

What is the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission?

IoM Gambling Supervision Commission is the competent regulatory authority in the Isle of Man. This authority is responsible for all gambling in the region, including casino games, sports betting, lotteries and other gambling activities. It is responsible not only for land-based providers, but also for Internet offerings. The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission scrutinizes every provider before entering the market and makes sure that the legal requirements are met. The companies are also monitored during ongoing operations, so that players can be offered the highest level of security every day.

NameGambling Supervision Commission
AddressGround Floor, St George’s Court, Myrtle Street Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1ED
Phone+44 1624 694331

How does the GSC authority work?

Any operator wishing to offer its services in the gambling sector from the Isle of Man, must be licensed by Gambling Supervision Commission. In theory, all companies can obtain this licence, but in practice they must first prove themselves.

Regulatory authority will first of all examine casino provider very carefully. These tests include, a close examination of the management or the owners. The authority is interested in their lifestyle and whether they might have something to do with criminal business. If this is the case, the licence will not be granted.

In addition, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is also looking into other areas related to the granting of licences. This includes the competence of the operator, as players should of course only be provided with the best and most competent offers.

Financial requirements are also important, as the provider must be able to pay out winnings to the players at any time. If a company applies for a license from the GSC, these areas and others are first thoroughly checked. 

Advantages of casinos by licensed Gambling Supervision Commission

Some players may think that a lack of regulation will not be that bad. But that is wrong. Anyone who gets involved in an unregulated casino risks a great deal. Which advantages the licensed casinos bring with themselves, or what is offered to the players here, we show in the following.

Player protection

Gambling providers are extremely interesting for online criminals. Online casinos attract attention with horrendous sums of money that are moved between the accounts. In addition, players give some information about themselves.

If the casino works with a license from the Isle of Man GSC, there is no need to worry. Provider must guarantee that players’ data is always well protected and no problems or difficulties arise.

Data transfers, such as those made when filling in forms or processing payments, are protected by SSL encryption. This encryption offers an enormously comprehensive protection, as data is made unrecognizable. Every licensed casino offers players a much higher level of protection against cyber criminals – and that is extremely important in today’s world.

Fair games

Players are preoccupied with the thought that during a game round not everything may have been fair. Should this really be the case, it can only be an unregistered provider. Casinos licensed by Gambling Supervision Commission are closely monitored with regard to their random number generators.

This includes checking whether the RNG is working correctly in blackjack, roulette or the slot machines and whether decisions actually determine independent outcome of a game round.

Operation is regularly monitored, thus no fraud or similar can occur on the part of the provider. In addition, many casino operators promise further protection by having independent agencies to monitor the random generators and payout odds. With the payout rates, a companies indicate what percentage of the players’ stakes will be paid out to them again in the long term. Every online casino with a license from agency as eCogra is guaranteed to play fairly and there is a real chance for every player to win.

Secure storage of player funds

An important requirement for obtaining a license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is the safekeeping of players’ money. Players’ deposits must be kept separate from the rest of the company’s capital. In this way, the casino promises enormous security in case of cyber attack.

Should such an attack be successful, only casino’s funds would be affected. But not those of the players. Exactly the same applies if the provider should get into payment difficulties and an insolvency threatens. The insolvency administrator then only has access to the operative credit balance and not to the players’ funds. This means that funds can still be paid out to the players despite financial difficulties.

Trustworthy operation

Regulation is needed for each market. The reasons for this are obvious, as without a regulatory body, players would have to put up with all the decisions of online casinos. Apart from talking directly to the company, there would be no way to complain about the provider.

However, a complaint to the company itself would probably not be particularly successful. The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is important, as a regulatory body sits right between the two parties and is completely independent.

If players feel they have been treated unfairly, can turn to the authority and be sure that the case will be dealt with. The alternative in an unregulated market would be legal assistance, but this is very expensive and time-consuming. Any player can be happy that the Isle of Man authorities offer a helpful point of contact.

Check if casino is licensed by Gambling Supervision Commission

Not every online casino on the market is licensed. Often it is also not so easy to choose the safest provider from the large offer. Check our list, as we publish only licensed and trustworthy casinos. A second alternative for checking online casinos is the website of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

Here, you will find different verticals that are regulated by the authority. In each area you will also find the companies that are licensed by the authority. In addition, find further information about the address or contact details.

Every gambling provider presents logo of the respective authority, after all this is an enormous proof of security. However, players should not be too quickly inspired by this either. If the license number on the casino website does not match the with the authority one, it is very likely a fake.

Issues that authorities are addressing

In principle, it does not matter what kind of dispute is between online casino and player. Gambling Supervision Commission is ready to help in all cases and can help to clarify the situation quickly. 

If there is a problem with deposits or withdrawals, this falls within the jurisdiction of the authority. The same applies to complaints against customer support, complaints about technical problems or about unfair bonus conditions. There are countless issues that players can bring to the attention of the Isle of Man authorities.

How can I complain?

In order to lodge a complaint, players must first visit the GSC website. Here you can discover complaints section, which has been set up specifically for that reason.

Players must first answer on few general questions and then describe individual case. Information will be sent to the authority, which will investigate the matter. It is not possible to say in advance how long this will take.

Alternatively, players can also use another e-mail address or telephone number to contact the complaints office. If this information is not sufficient, we recommend that you take a look at the Complaints Page of the Isle of Man GSC.

The history of the Isle of Man GSC

Gambling Supervision Commission is the oldest regulatory bodies in the world. In many cases, these authorities were only established in the 2000s, but the Isle of Man Regulatory Authority has been active since 1962.

Since then, authority has been responsible for monitoring the offers on its home market. Particular emphasis is placed on seriousness and protection against crime, while at the same time the authority also works to protect young people.

Due to the developments and progress of online casinos, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is now one of the most well-known licensing authorities of all. Many operators choose to locate their headquarters on the Isle of Man because of the extremely pleasant legislation that has been created here for gambling.

Especially well known is Online Gambling Regulation Act, which was created in 2001. In 2009, GSC issued its first license to an online casino with an implied live dealer area.


Every player should be glad that authorities like Gambling Supervision Commission take care of the safety and protection of gamblers. Focus is on data and protection of young people, but in addition the companies have to show even more in order to obtain the license. If the number on the casino website does not match the licensing code of the authority, it is very likely a fake.

The work of Gambling Supervision Commission is now well known to all players. We also recommend you take a look at our reports on the MGA and the UK Gambling Commission, which work very closely with Gambling Supervision Commission from Isle of Man .