Mega Moolah slots

Have mega fun as you play the Mega Moolah slot game! With best title from Microgaming, you’ll love that you can take this game on the go with you and have a blast all the time.

The game is set in the Savannah and there are all sorts of animal noises and animal symbols. Join in the fun and see what the Savannah is all about. Mega Moolah is one of the most popular games in mobile casinos.

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Mega Moolah slot review

As you start to play the Mega Moolah, you’ll see that you’re been invited to the Savannah. Hear the birds overhead and enjoy the sun as it starts to set.


The background here is beautiful and invited. There are many symbols that correspond to the look and feel of the Savannah. These include the lion, the monkey, the giraffe, the zebra, the kudu and others.

The lion and the money dominate the scene here as the main animal players. The lion is wild, as you would expect, and he’s also a multiplier. He can step in for other online casino symbols to help you to have a blast. He’ll double the regular payouts as well. The monkey is the scatter and if you find yourself with two or more of them you’ll have a win. With three or more, you’ll have 15 extra spins and those rounds will have triple payouts.


With the Mega Moolah there is a bonus section as well. The bonus is a progressive which makes the game even more exciting. It’s a random bonus which is awesome because it means that any player can get it and you don’t have to spin a certain combination to have it. You also don’t have to have been playing with the max amount to quality for the progressive – but you do have to be playing with real money.

Now, when you get to this section you’ll see a wheel. There are four parts to the wheel. There is the mega jackpot which is white, the major jackpot which is yellow, the orange which is minor and the red which is the mini. You spin the wheel with and see what you land on. You’ll then win the progressive that corresponds to the place you landed. Cool, huh?

Mega Moolah RTP

The RTP of Mega Moolah is slightly over 88%, which comparing to other slots from Microgaming and NenEnt is pretty low for this kind of progressive slot. Despite that, British player won over £ 17,000,000 on Mega Moolah in 2018! This progressive game is one of the best paying slot games in the history of online gambling!

Awesome fun

There are so many opportunities to have an amazing time with the Mega Moolah slot. You can get to the progressive without having to bet the most and you can really enjoy yourself. There are four ways to win the progressive game, which also makes it really fun.

You can play the mobile game anywhere that you happen to find yourself, as well, as long as you’ve got your mobile with you. Come to the Savannah today and see what all of the fun is about! Everyone who plays can have mega fun with the Mega Moolah game that offers it all.

It’s not often that you’ll see a progressive game that has four different progressives to it and that offers you so many ways to have fun. Start out in demo mode if you want to here, but be sure to join in the real Mega Moolah entertainment with the real money game today!