Online casino experience

We give you an insight into our 15 years of online casino experience with positive and negative examples from 2005 to 2020! Honestly, there are plenty providers that we would describe as good or serious. On the other hand, we have also had some bad experiences where one could speak of online casino fraud.

Online casinos with best experience

Good online casino experience

There are reputable online casinos in United Kingdom that are recommended. Basically, you should know that the operators have a house edge in every game. This means that the casino is largely profitable. For many players who lose, there are few who win. So you shouldn’t think that with a “system” that has worked with luck, you can make profit over and over again. Make no illusions: 99% of players will lose the deposited money to the casino sooner or later.

Gambling is entertainment. You pay for the adrenaline rush and the feeling of happiness to win something, like when you ride a roller coaster at the Oktoberfest.

We constantly test online casinos for the win rate and publish articles about it on Casinomucho. Most important quality feature of a reputable online casino is that gambling operator offers a good winning rate (ratio between win and loss). If you can play for a very long time without losing your money, it is a reputable casino. Get more entertainment for your money at some online casinos.

Simple and secure processing of payments is just as important. If you are lucky enough to increase your money and have the discipline to withdraw it, you want to have your money in your account as quickly as possible and not have to overcome many hurdles and have to wait forever.

Serious online casinos in the UK

A recommended online casino is Volt Casino. The online casino looks a bit confusing at first glance, but you can quickly find your way around. The design is a matter of taste and there are certainly casinos that look better. But that’s not the point. You want to play, have fun and ideally don’t want to lose everything right away.

Volt Casino scores with a high win rate and a super-fast payout options.

Negative experience with online casinos

You shouldn’t risk a lot of money in online casinos and certainly not hope that you can win a lot. We have certainly tested 100 online casinos over the past 15 years and played various games, from poker to roulette to slot machines.

However, there are casinos where you notice that you are more or less limited. Of course, you can not prove this, since chance could also make a long streak of bad luck possible.

Follow one thing in online casinos after a certain time:

Casino experience – what to pay attention to?

Registration in the online casino

We found registration in the online casino easy and quick. In one step, all personal data such as the address, name and of course a valid email address are given. In addition, players should provide a cell phone number, which, however, is not absolutely necessary. After registration you can start playing immediately. 

The range of casino games

The number of online casinos seems to be growing every day. Accordingly, many games are also offered. From the classics such as poker, roulette, blackjack, bets placed bingo can be played and countless slots can be fed. The slot games define the virtual variant of the one-armed bandits, as they are known from classic arcades. But not every casino operator has the opportunity to offer all games. And so it can happen that the registration in the selected online casino was free because the favorite game is not there or all tables are permanently occupied. Our casino comparison provides all information.

How does the graphics affect the gaming experience?

Anyone who has ever played a game on their smartphone knows how detailed the graphics must be in order to be able to optimally recognize even the smallest fragments. If it is still a movement-oriented game, the graphics play an increasing role. Especially when it comes to the fact that movements are displayed smoothly and smoothly. If the software is outdated and used by the provider, the visual representation can quickly fall by the wayside and score values ​​on playing cards are difficult to recognize. This means that the player can quickly overbought in blackjack, for example, and the longed-for profit does not materialize. In the worst case, the stake is lost.

Support: Am I optimally supported by customer service?

An important feature that should be considered when choosing a casino is customer service. A reputable online casino has a well-established and competent support, which of course is able to act in the respective national language. This means that customer service is available around the clock and, in the best case, also via multiple channels. After all, the players are not limited to certain support times, but also want to get help at weekends, on public holidays and at night, should something be unclear. In addition, serious customer service is defined by fair contact options. Calling the support hotline should not result in horrific telephone costs and ideally an email function should also be available. A chat is of course better. This is free of charge and provides the desired answers immediately. Mostly parallel to the game.

Casino bonus: special advantages by registering

With the large number of providers, the selection is not easy. Many people can therefore be influenced by the welcome bonus that almost every casino operator offers. However, casino bonus does not always live up to what it promises at first glance. Although a 100 percent welcome bonus reads pretty well with a maximum deposit of 400 Pounds, because that means that an additional 400 Pounds will be credited to the player’s account, it is important to read the conditions attached to the bonus in advance. 

Ease of use: Will I find my way around the casino website?

The juiciest profits are useless if they cannot be achieved due to poor usability. It is therefore important to navigate on casino website before you use real money for testing purposes. Can I find all the features that are available and can I call them up at any time? The player should answer this question honestly in advance. Because it is of no use if the best games are offered, but they cannot be used properly due to their limited usability.

Transparency: Am I being sufficiently informed by the provider?

A good online casino is characterized, among other things, by its transparency. This means that important information should be available at all times and without restrictions. This applies, for example, to the general terms and conditions or the license notice, which must definitely be available. But the contact details of the provider should also be immediately visible. A good casino is also characterized by an extensive help area, which contains, for example, the frequently asked questions (FAQ). These are questions that are frequently asked by customer service. This gives the player the opportunity to search the FAQ to see if his question is included. If this is the case, contacting customer service may no longer be necessary.

Payment options: do the transactions run smoothly?

It is now normal for payments to be processed digitally. This is also very practical, because if the winnings were sent in the form of a check by post, the player would not only have to wait a very long time for his “harvest”, but would also run the risk that the letter might not arrive. For example PayPal, Zimpler Neteller or Skrill options require an account, which must be set up with the respective service provider. With the payment methods listed above, with the exception of PayPal, for example, it is no problem to make a quick withdrawal.

Communication: Can I exchange ideas with other players?

Many online casinos offer a chat on their portal, which enables players to communicate with each other. Communication with other players has many advantages. In this way you can exchange ideas and experience. How satisfied are other players with the provider and what should you watch out for? Are there any tips and tricks? The answers to these questions can be found very quickly in a chat, which can include two or more players. It usually depends on how many players are sitting at the table or are involved in the game. This is the best way to collect online casino experiences. Of course, this also applies to online poker and bingo experiences.

Profit distribution: How can I ensure a fair quota?

Anyone looking for an online casino will have to confront the term “average payout ratio” sooner or later. But what does that actually mean? This is the amount that a player can win in the long term. It also indicates the amount that a player can get back. The profit distribution is given by the operators in percent and varies not only from provider to provider, but also from game to game. As a rule, the distribution is between 95 and 99 percent. This feature should be considered when choosing a casino.