Bitcoin casino (UK)

Do you consider gambling at Bitcoin casino with support of many crypto-currencies? You’ve come to the right place! We reviewed and tested all Bitcoin casinos in the UK accepting BTC coins.

If you have never played with digital currency before, we really recommend taking time to read the entire article. Start sharking adventure at legal bitcoin online casinos, but above all, start it at the best Bitcoin casino sites for British players in 2022.

Casinos that accept Bitcoins in 2022

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2 Flume Casino
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3 Deluxino Casino
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4 NY Spins Casino
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5 VoodooDreams Casino
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Nowadays, many new online casinos allow to transfer and deposit BTC. A typical casino accepting virtual currency in United Kingdom has Bitcoin available as a payment option and offers players a wide range of Bitcoin slots with monthly updates.

When you play at crypto casino, you keep your data anonymous. You are welcome to play at any time and you will not pay any taxes on your winnings. All winnings at a Bitcoin casino are tax-free. Below, we go through everything you need to know about UK Bitcoin casinos in detail.

Whats the best Bitcoin casino?

One of the most revolutionary ways to participate in casino gaming is through digital currency. These currencies, affectionately known as cryptocurrencies, allow players to wager in stakes similar to cash without the associated risks of holding a cash balance or linking credit cards, bank accounts, and other sensitive details to a casino platform.

This is especially important for players based in the United States, where recent government actions have made it difficult to almost impossible for players to legally participate in casino gaming on the Internet. Fortunately, digital currency gaming is different and provides an experience similar to cash gaming without the inherent legal risk. So, how can players go about choosing the best digital currency casino?

Is it safe to pay at BTC Casino?

Paying with Bitcoins is a little different than with traditional payment service providers. As BTC is a decentralized block chain, there is no central office checking or approving payments. Send the appropriate amount to the desired casino address and the deposit will be recorded in block chain. All credits and addresses are publicly visible, however cannot be manipulated. Deposit is safe if you protect your Private Key. 

In BTC online casino communication and transactions are fully encrypted. Even if the individual Public Key should be intercepted, without the corresponding Private Key this data is completely useless, therefore Public Keys (as analogy to the account number) can be shared publicly without hesitation. Paying at Bitcoin casino is safer than with any other payment method.

How do I deposit and are there fees?

When you want to deposit in a crypto casino, you can first select the desired deposit method. If Bitcoin is accepted as the crypto currency in an online casino, all other classic payment methods such as credit cards, wallets or bank transfers are usually available. If you have selected BTC, you will be given an address (Public Key) that belongs to your casino account. Now you have to decide how much you want to send to your casino account. This is usually given in BTC, but as a safety precaution, currency converter is provided where you can enter a Pound amount and corresponding Bitcoin equivalent will be displayed.

However, you have to do the transfer yourself. Go to your Bitcoin Wallet and enter Public Key of the casino account and the amount to be transferred. In addition, you have to set the respective transaction fee, unless the Wallet does this for you automatically.

Payment processing

Digital currencies like Bitcoins are immediately transferred between a casino’s wallet and a player’s wallet, as soon as withdrawal request is made: there’s absolutely no waiting around.

Some cryptocurrency casinos offer primitive forms of currency exchange, where digital currencies can be converted into cash based on an exchange rate that’s set by the UK casinos and compared against current market trends.

UK Bitcoin games selection

Bitcoin casino

If there’s one thing that can be said about digital currency gaming, it’s the fact that it’s one of the most innovative ways to safely play casino games on the Internet for wagered stakes.

It’s this very innovation that ensures players will always keep coming back for more, but what else do players need in order to stay interested in a gaming platform? A wide variety of games.

Fortunately, game selection has been at the very heart of Bitcoin casinos since their inception.

Players are overly spoiled for choice when it comes to the sheer volume of games that are out there on the Internet today: live blackjack, online roulette, poker, slot machines, and a host of other lesser-played casino games like baccarat or scratchcard sites are all available to enjoy through the greater majority of the gaming platforms online today.

Live casino with Bitcoin transactions

In addition to game selection, players should also be on the lookout for a “live dealer” service: one of the Bitcoin casino’s main claims to fame.

Instead of staring at faceless, two dimensional images that are meant to represent casino games taking place, players will often find themselves in the presence of live dealers who are actually conducting casino games right in front of players.

This means instead of watching a picture of a big wheel spinning around, players will actually watch a roulette dealer spinning the wheel and revealing the result right before their eyes.

It’s this sort of addition to the experience that continues on with the growing tradition of innovation that’s associated with this sort of gaming platform.

Unfortunately, live dealers aren’t widely available on all casino platforms as of yet, so players will need to do a bit of looking around in order to find a platform that’s both trustworthy, offers decent withdrawal options and support, and offers this particular feature.

Technical support

With all of what’s going on through digital currency platforms today, it’s quite easy to get lost in the mix.

However, all digital currency casinos offer some degree of technical support. Understandably, some services will be better than others, but there will always be help for players when it’s needed.

For the most part, players can expect to receive support by e-mail or sometimes a live chat, but how quickly players will actually receive responses remains in question. It’s not unusual for digital currency casinos to respond to queries within a day or two, but some may take three days or more.

So, with all of this in mind, what are some of the trusted names in Bitcoin gaming online today? The simple answer is that there isn’t a true industry leader as of yet. However, the name that’s inching the closest to claiming that title is mBitCasino.

mBitCasino was the pioneer of the Bitcoin live casino system and continues to broadcast these types of games from a purpose-built television studio located in Eastern Europe.

mBitcasino is also well-known for game selection. This best slot site boast over 100 types of new slots with addition of many classic games. One of the most recent game additions to the library was video poker and plans are currently in place for continued expansion of the game catalog. The platform offers a total of 131 games for players, which is currently the global leader in terms of volume.

BTC Casino FAQ

Are there Bitcoin casinos with bonus offers?

All Bitcoin casinos welcome new players with a signup bonus. However, there are differences in whether the bonus is credited in Bitcoin or as a currency equivalent in Pounds. Above, we present a list of real Bitcoin bonuses, more offers can be found in the selection of the best Bitcoin casinos.

Are there Bitcoin Slots?

Well known games from library of NetEnt slots can be played with Bitcoin at Playamo Casino, for example. Playamo also has over 1800 slots, so the absence of other providers is not a big deal.

What makes Bitcoin so special?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency based on a blockchain. This changes the way of how payments are made. As a relatively new currency, Bitcoin is currently available in only a few online casinos, check our complete list on top of the article.

Is a Bitcoin casino safe and reputable to play at?

Security does not depend on the payment method, but on the valid casino license. With a license for online gambling, an internet casino is under the control of a regulatory authority that can quickly detect manipulation and fraud using several measures. Licensed casinos are always safe and reputable.