Casino affiliate programs

Discover our comprehensive list of casino affiliate programs. Learn how to promote an online casino, find all about new and established gambling affiliation brands, check operators rankings and negotiate commission rates. Some of our favorite affiliate programs include Casumo Affiliates and GIG Affiliates. Discover the most famous casino affiliate partners in the United Kingdom, whose popularity is developed by numerous partnerships.

Gambling affiliate programs  – main principles 

The importance of online affiliate marketing is increasing in line with the importance of the Internet. With the right start, you can benefit financially from casino affiliate programs. But how do affiliate partner programs work at all? How to get secure payout and increase advertising performance?

In principle, such systems are based on the commission payment. It is easy to imagine the whole thing with an estate agent who sells various apartments and houses. The estate agent does not own the apartments or the houses. Nevertheless, he advertises them and does everything he can to get interested parties. The agent receives money from the owner or new buyer for every successful mediation. The same applies to affiliate partner programs, such as casino and poker.

The online casino will pay you a due commission, as soon as you direct potential customers to the casino site. But how does the online casino even know that the users come from your website? For this purpose, operators are using so-called affiliate links. These contain a special code that virtually marks your page with the embedded affiliate programs. As soon as a user reaches the online casino site via your affiliate program, the tracking code is sent to the system operator who registers the user. 

Casinos have been present online for over 20 years and created a large piece of the industry called online gaming. Sites like Casinomucho work to provide reliable information and services to the players.  

Creating a casino website

It’s not easy to start, but the earlier you create something, the faster you can learn it. It is possible to get your first casino site from scratch, bet £100 and run it using many open-sourced software that exists, free of charge. These platforms include WordPress, Ghost or Discourse.

Choosing a casino network niche

Niche is a fashionable word, but it’s the right one. It is not easy to create a site that includes so many reviews, informational pages and other types of content. The majority of projects are similar and the problem is that gambling niches are extremely competitive with so many players in the market. Should you aim at a specific market and have narrowed your objectives, you can probably get faster results. A casino niche can be anything from focusing on casinos with free spins, that don’t have deposit bonuses, slot reviews or on casinos with live dealers. The more specific the subject is, the more you can become an expert in that field.

Gambling affiliation terminology

Learn the words that are used when talking about this industry:

Registration at an online casino affiliate website

You can establish a working relationship with one or more online gambling operators such as casinos, poker, and sports betting through the affiliate system.

Once you have identified the “brand” that you intend to promote, register at the official operator affiliate site, by filling in a special form requiring:

Almost always, within 24-48 hours you will receive a response, whether your application for partnership with a certain company has been approved or rejected.

The reasons for rejection are usually due to a lack of interest in being advertised on sites with low quality or unsuitable gambling content, not living up to minimum acceptable standards.

In case of consent, you will be notified by email, which will also include the URL address to access your personal account via username and password. Your account must be considered as a real control panel, through which you manage:

Affiliate program approval requirements

Conditions that casino operator requires to be adhered to in order to be eligible for its affiliate program are individual to each company. What they all have in common is that they require you to share exactly how is your plan to promote their brands.

Online casino is mostly looking for partnerships, ie. people to advertise their product on the internet. This can be done on social networks, forums or websites. The latter is most likely to be approved. However, they must have something to do with gambling. When you have a website that mentions sports information, different casino games or poker strategies, then the chances of approval are higher. Operators have no interest in partnering with sites that are not close to what they are dealing with or provide obscene content.

Be sure what the bookmakers want from you, make sure you have one, and then apply for an affiliate partner. The chances of you being approved are really great and you are unlikely to get rejected.

Casino affiliate software

Online casinos use additional sites and platforms to manage their affiliate programs. Established brands such as Casumo provide solutions for tracking all affiliate information. They keep a wealth of statistics useful to every partner.

Operators create separate websites for their affiliate programs. Anyone can apply and review the terms & conditions. After approval, you gain access to special affiliate management software. There are several well-known platforms, such as Income Access and NetRefer. You might also recognize some affiliate campaign management software used by a number of gambling sites like Betfair or Bet365. This is beneficial for affiliates and eliminates third-party partnerships.

Marketing sources for affiliate sites

Once you register as an affiliate with the casino operator and have an approved account, you will find everything you need to do brand advertising. Each partner has a gallery with a variety of banners. For example, if a company has sports, casino and poker services, you will find images for promoting each one. Banners in question are generated through special links. This means that the tracking code is updated automatically. 

Banners can show a variety of information about specific events, games or offers. Decide what to show to your audience. However, flashing images are not the only advertising tool. Text links also can serve you well.

Other important information in affiliate marketing management platforms is related to the player’s activity. Check bets placed on each brand. Track the behavior of your visitors and what commission they bring. Statistics can be customized and filtered by days, months or years. Find out how many new users referred to the operator, what amounts they have deposited. Through affiliate software, monitor levels of your commission and make requests to withdraw a certain amount.

Affiliate code – what is it?

For casino companies, in order to understand that particular client is referred by you use affiliate code. The tracking ID is unique to each partner. Code associates your participation in the registration of a particular player.

A very important part is assigned to btag parameter. Btag is a part of the link generated through the affiliate system. Parameter automatically becomes part of the URL of the link you are using. Btag combines several identifiers – referral website and ad, whether for sports, casino, poker or any other offer.

Casino partners can also create custom links (special addresses that carry unique ID).

Whether you use banners or simple links, they all contain unique affiliate code. This is how your participation in the registration of a particular player on the casino site is associated.

Cookies in affiliation

In a few words, we would like to point out that cookies are part of the majority of websites nowadays. Cookies store specific information for a particular visitor. This way, websites offer better service the next time the player visits the site.

Different brand platforms provide an opportunity for their partners to use cookies to reach new customers. When a partner redirects a new client to the site of a particular casino, a cookie is stored on the client-side with 30 to 45 days of activity. Even if the referred client does not immediately register on the casino website, but will complete registration within the next 45 days, it will be counted as your player.

Commission payout

Certain operators pay up to a certain amount each month. Others accumulate the amount collected until it reaches the minimum that can be withdrawn. If there is a specific amount, the partner is not entitled to withdraw his / her commission if it is below that amount. We have already mentioned, but let us note again that negative commissions balances do not require partners to pay.

Here are some of the main payment options that each affiliate partner can claim in order to collect commission:

How to choose an affiliate program?

Casino players usually first look at the welcome bonus and its wagering requirements, thus you as an affiliate should pay attention to:

What is the average commission % of most known affiliate programs in gambling? Here’s standardized affiliate payout structure with a growing percentage (generated profit per month – the percentage of commission):

Penalties and account suspension

Affiliates need to respect contract rules, otherwise, penalty or suspension of the account can be activated, regardless of whether you have a client portfolio or still have to collect part of your commission.

Usually, you can find guidelines on this topic in marketing practices or anti-spam section on the operator website. Which techniques and sales strategy should you avoid?

What risks do I run as an affiliate partner?

There are too many risks! It’s best to make it clear from the outset that affiliation to the casino and online betting sites should not be considered as a job that you can build a life on, whether you earn £50 or over £1000. In fact, there are so many high-risk variables over which you have no control (political changes in the country where you do business, rogue or failing companies, Google dance, high competitiveness, monopolized market, economic crisis) that can cause a sudden and catastrophic drop of your earnings.

How can I defend myself against fraud and injustice against these rogue companies?

Legally speaking, there is very little you can do and prove at the moment. Even if you could, it might not be worth it. Your real weapon is the online communities or rather the discussion forums, both national and international, where webmasters and entrepreneurs of this sector come together to confront each other, exchanging opinions on current and past experiences.

What are the areas of expertise needed to carry out?

The system of affiliations is not easy and guaranteed. Let’s see the essential skills you need to have to do this job:

What is the role of an Affiliate Manager?

An affiliate manager is an extremely important person in your partnership with an online casino. A person is responsible for managing the affiliate program and the entire affiliate casino network. However, the role deserves a more detailed description, as an affiliate manager can underpin any partner’s successful development.

Managing a casino affiliate program is definitely not an easy task. Affiliate managers must review the applications and approve or reject them. Very often this procedure is even done by a brand management affiliate program team. However, there are companies with numerous partnerships that would be difficult to serve as one person. Casinos generally appoint an affiliate manager for each country, where they have the right to distribute their business.

The manager has an obligation to look after the partners, answer their questions and work with them to achieve better results. This is the person any partner can call to get help. On the other hand, a good affiliate manager develops new plans to promote a particular brand and also informs each partner about new things on the bookmaker site for which he or she works. In this way, the partners will have up-to-date information to turn into a method of promoting the company. Well maintained programs have managers who notify you as soon as new bonus offers are released.

It is very important that each affiliate platform appoints a reliable manager or a whole team of people to work for the prosperity of the company and partners. This should be their goal and to pursue with each partner in order to achieve good results for both parties.

Affiliate support

Customer support must be provided during a casino affiliate partnership. Of course, deals offered by the operators come with a promise of support. This is at the heart of any affiliate marketing campaign, as there is no way to make it successful if there is no support team behind it. Contact support, get help and answers from each affiliate partner. In many cases, this is the job of the affiliate manager, but there are also programs with a dedicated team of people who take care of each partner.

Good support can greatly help to develop a successful affiliate marketing campaign. When all participants in an affiliate program work hard and pursue the same goal, they will not be far from success. Affiliate marketing is a widespread way of advertising and promotion that is used in various business environments. It gives every potential partner a chance to earn a side income or turn the partnership into a major source of revenue.