Neteller casino

A product of Optimal Payments Limited, Neteller is an alternative casino payment system. In fact, Neteller casino brings one of the oldest payment systems that does not rely on credit cards. Neteller is more of an e-wallet, whereby you can deposit or withdraw money from online merchant.

Online casinos with Neteller

Features of Neteller casino sites

With casino Neteller, you are able to deposit money online to fund the pre-paid network card that you can obtain from the same company. Neteller also has the eCommerce feature which you can use to transfer money over the Internet.

If you want to make deposits into your Neteller casino account from the Visa or MasterCard, you will be required to pay a 2.5% fee of the total amount. With Neteller, you can hold no the account only £10,000 and you will be required to pay £2.99 every month as the administrative fee.

Why use Neteller at online casino?

There are several reasons that players would prefer Neteller over other payment systems, including:

How to link Neteller to your casino account

To use Neteller in the UK online casino, list it as preferred transaction option during registration. Deposits are easy to make, simply log into the casino account, go to the cashier section and click on the Neteller option. This is followed by entering the deposit details, which include the amount, account ID and security ID. Deposits are completed on the click of a button and reflect on your account instantly.

For withdrawals, however, you have to wait for two days. This is caused by casino funds processing money is released. Procedure is similar to making deposits, the only differences being the direction of cash flow and the duration that it takes to complete each transaction. There are standard set limits for maximum and minimum deposits.

For withdrawals, such limits vary, depending on the VIP status of the player. Some have higher withdrawal limits while normal players have the low withdrawal limit, however it can be adjusted by growing transaction status and trust with the online casino customer support!