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Modified: 28/11/2018

Online gamers in United Kingdom have multiple options from which to choose including Mastercard casinos, which enable them to transfer funds to and from their casino account when they gamble at the UK online casino. Some players prefer to use an e-wallet or e-voucher which allows them to maintain a financial fund that they can use for online gaming activities that is separate from the account that they use for family needs and household expenses.

Other players rely on a system of e-checks or direct/wire transfers to and from their local bank account that gives them the chance to monitor all of their expenditures and all of their income in one central location. The most popular method of making casino deposits and withdrawals involves the Master Card banking method which is used by millions of online casino players around the world.

Online casinos accepting MasterCard

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How Master Card casino work?

Master Card functions as a virtual payment system. It provides customers with a convenient system for making payments and accepting funds in the user’s preferred currency. One of the biggest advantages of MasterCard is that the MasterCard credit or debit card is linked to the user’s local UK bank account which facilitates easy and convenient supervision of funds.

The Master Card owner receives the Master Card credit or debit card from his local bank. If the card is a credit card, the card holder can make payments directly or on credit for any goods or services, using the Master Card. If the card is a debit card, the payments will only be approved if the card holder has the relevant funds in his bank account.

Getting started with MasterCard

To start using MasterCard, request a MasterCard from your local financial institution – your bank, Savings and Loans or credit union. The MasterCard links your payments to your bank account, enabling you to make payments at any MasterCard – affiliated Merchant.

If you have a MasterCard credit card you can make payments on credit and pay off those payments in installments. If you have a MasterCard debit card, your payments won’t be processed unless you have matching funds in your bank account. In such a case your payments are immediately deducted from your bank balance. If you’re using your MasterCard to facilitate your deposits for your casino games, you’ll be able to withdraw your deposits and accept your winnings via your personal casino account at any time of the day or night.

MasterCard features 24/7 service to ensure that you’ll be able to access your online casino games and play for real money at any time of the day or night.

Making your decision

When you play real money online casino games, one of the first decisions that you need to make involves your preferred ebanking solution. You will want to choose a method that offers easy navigation, 24/7 access, full consumer support and an interface that that gives you easy and user-friendly tools that you can use to conduct all of your casino e-banking transactions.

The Master Card banking method provides all those services and more. MasterCard is one of the most trusted digital banking institutions, serving millions of affiliated vendors and hundreds of millions of customers around the world.

When you make MasterCard deposits at online casinos and withdraw your deposits to your MasterCard you’ll be able to link your transactions to other online financial activity and use your winnings for any preferred purchases of goods and services in any currency, anywhere in the world.

The UK online casino makes it easy to make deposits and withdraw your earnings by linking your MasterCard to your online casino account. First, sign up for a casino account. Submit your name, email, a username and a password to the sign-up page.

Click the link on the confirmation email that the operator sends to your email account to confirm your registration. Mobile games can download the mobile app or may proceed to play on their smartphone or tablet browser. Once your account is open you can proceed to play.

The casino offers two modes of play, a Free Mode in which you can play for free and a Real Mode where you play for real money prizes.

In order to play in the Real Mode you will need to link your MasterCard to your casino account. Provide the casino with the number that appears on the front of your MasterCard, the PIN code and the card’s expiration date. Now your accounts have been linked and you can move on and make deposits and collect payouts. You won’t need to provide the MasterCard identification information to the casino again.

Simply sign into your account and play – the casino will automatically facilitate all transactions via your registered MasterCard.

If you decide that you want to change your method of casino banking, notify the casino’s support line. The casino will facilitate the change immediately.

Currency Support

Mastercard debit and credit cards are accepted around the world. The Mastercard system of ebanking supports dozens of currencies including Euro, the Australian dollar, the British Pound Sterling, the New Zealand dollar, the Canadian dollar and the American dollar. Mastercard offers a simple currency converter tool that allows you to ascertain, within seconds, the daily conversion rates.

This currency conversion tool complies with the Payment Services Directive (PSD) of the EU which requires transparency of exchange rate information. Using up-to-date data from sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters and Central Banks, MasterCard users can access all of the information that they need to use casino winnings to facilitate purchases in other currencies.

Advantages of using prepaid Mastercard for online gambling

There are multiple benefits to using a Master Card for your casino real money gambling activities. A few of these include:

  • Mastercard is one of the most popular methods of online banking for millions of vendors and hundreds of millions of customers around the world. Through your Mastercard you’ll be able to use your casino winnings to purchase goods and services anywhere, at any time.
  • Mastercard gives you the chance to play on credit, so if you’re short on funds and waiting for some money to arrive, you can still click into your casino account and enjoy casino games. Casino advisors remind you, however, that you should set a budget for your casino entertainment and stick to that bankroll.
  • By conducting your casino digital banking with MasterCard you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality, real money casino entertainment with real money achievements.
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